If you’re like many people, you want to sell your home fast – and the good news is that in Scottsdale, we have a thriving real estate market. But there are a few things you can do to help your Realtor® sell your home faster. This guide gives you five tips to do exactly that.

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5 Tips to Help You Sell Your Home in Scottsdale Quickly

Sometimes you just don’t have the luxury of time on your side when you want to sell your home. These five tips can help you sell it quickly.

#1. Make necessary upgrades and fixes.

You’ll have a tough time selling your home quickly if it has substantial issues, so take the time to fix what’s broken. Your Realtor® will also walk through your home with you to determine if there are any cost-effective upgrades you should tackle, too.

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#2. Get the price right.

Talk to your real estate agent about the proper pricing for your house. He or she will compare your home to dozens of other, similar homes to find out what a buyer is likely to be willing to pay for yours – and if you really need to sell it quickly, think about underpricing it just a bit. And who knows? You may even ignite a bidding war that gets you more than you needed for your home.

#3. Show your home’s best assets through staging.

Don’t overlook the value in hiring a professional home stager. Stagers are people trained to make your home look like it’s come right from the pages of a design magazine. But if hiring someone just isn’t in the cards for you, there are several things you can do to make your home as appealing as possible to prospective buyers. Check out these staging tips and read 17 Home Staging Tips to Use When You Sell a Home in Scottsdale to get started on the right foot.

#4. Add outdoor living space (or spruce up the one you have).

If you don’t have a patio fit for entertaining, it might be worth adding one to sell your home. Buyers increasingly want to expand indoor living space into the outdoors, and by putting in a patio, deck or even a garden sitting area, you’ll capture more buyers’ attention.

#5. Get a storage unit.

If you’re like most people, there’s a little too much “stuff” floating around your house – and it doesn’t need to be there. That comfy old recliner? The quilt rack from your great-grandmother? These are great items, but you don’t need to share them with prospective buyers. Think about getting a storage unit where you can pack up under-cabinet items you rarely use, excess furniture and other items that can take away from your home’s best feature: its space.

Are You Selling a Home in Scottsdale?

When you’re selling a luxury home in Scottsdale, you need to work with a Realtor® who has experience in the market – not just any agent has what it takes to market to high-income buyers.

Start by finding out how much your home is worth. Then, schedule an appointment with one of our luxury real estate specialists. We’ll talk to you about how we’ll aggressively market your home using all the right tools – including 3D virtual tours, high-resolution photography and more – so we can attract all the right buyers.

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