If you’re like many people, you assume that you can only buy or sell a home in the spring or summer. It’s not that anyone has ever told you that; it’s just that those are the seasons that everyone else does it. But we’re here to tell you that you can – and sometimes you should – buy or sell a home during winter. Check out this winter real estate FAQ to learn more.

Winter Real Estate FAQ

Check out these commonly asked questions about buying and selling homes in the winter:

  • Do housing prices go down in the winter?
  • Is it bad to buy a house during winter?
  • Why is winter a good time to sell your house?
  • How can I sell my house fast in the winter?
  • Is it harder to sell a house in the winter?
  • Is Christmas a good time to sell your house?
  • What are some reasons to buy a home in winter?

Here’s a closer look at each.

Do housing prices go down in the winter?

Generally speaking, prices and competition are both down during the winter – but so is inventory. That means whether you’re buying or selling, winter may be the right time for you. There are fewer homes on the market, and the buyers who are looking during winter months are typically more serious than those who kick around the idea over the summer. The lower inventory contributes to higher prices; often, everything evens out.

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Winter Real Estate FAQ - Do Home Prices Go Down in Winter

Is it bad to buy a house during winter?

It’s definitely not bad to buy a house during winter. We’re saying this not as Scottsdale REALTORS® but as regular people: You go ahead and buy a home when you’re ready to buy a home. If you buy in the winter, you could have a handful of advantages on your side:

  • There are fewer buyers looking, so you’ll have less competition price-wise
  • You may be able to easily negotiate terms in your purchase agreement
  • You may be able to sell your current home faster because buyers who purchase during the winter are statistically more serious

Why is winter a good time to sell your house?

Winter can be a great time to sell your home. For one thing, lenders are usually less busy during the winter months, which means they can act on your buyers’ applications more quickly (and you can close faster). People who buy in the winter are often looking out of necessity, too, which means that you’ll have less competition from other sellers who are waiting until spring or summer to list.

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Winter Real Estate FAQ - Should You Buy or Sell During Winter

How can I sell my house fast in the winter?

Selling your house during winter can pose some unique challenges – especially when it comes to shorter daylight hours. You can help your real estate agent sell your home faster by:

  • Turning on outdoor lights as soon as the sun starts to set
  • Staging the inside of your home with seasonal decor (without overdoing it)
  • Making sure your home is warm and comfortable when buyers come to call

Is it harder to sell a house in the winter?

Some people believe it’s harder to sell a house in winter, but we believe that with the right marketing, you can do anything. There are fewer homes for sale, which means buyers who want a new home have more limited options. Although spring is the most popular home-selling season in Scottsdale, you can likely sell your house during winter just as easily.

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Winter Real Estate FAQ - How Can I Sell My House Fast in Winter

Is Christmas a good time to sell your house?

Most people start their home searches online, and when someone knows that they’re looking to buy soon, they’ll start looking at listings. The good thing about that is that most people realize what they look at today may not be there tomorrow – and listing your home over the holidays can get you a sale from someone who intended to buy a few months later.

Selling a home over the holidays offers another benefit, too: The buyers you deal with will likely be more serious (and feeling more pressure to move) if they’re looking right now. Sometimes people have to move for a work relocation or other urgent reasons during the winter.

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