What’s trending in home remodels?  Plain and simple, smart home technology!  In the past it was a kitchen makeover or bathroom renovation that got you the biggest bang for your buck when you went to sell your home.  Times have changed and buyers are looking for smart homes.

Although it’s trending to conveniently whip out your smart phone while sitting at the airport to reset your thermostat or turn on your home’s alarm, a true smart home is a bit more technologically advanced than that and will most likely run from an in-home network tied into your Wi-Fi.

Two reasons buyers give for not upgrading the technology in their home is expense and complexity.  Granted a full hard-wiring of your home may be expensive but this typically is not required.  While technical labor is, it may be less expensive and simpler than you think.

However, all homes are not created equal and while some builders may have pre-wired a home with a higher category rating already in place, meaning you have the Ethernet ready to carry the data demand, others may just have installed the necessary equipment for a basic landline phone.

You will need a strong, steady, uninterrupted Wi-Fi signal to pull off marketing your home as smart, so before you make any selections as to the type of technology you want in your home, you need to understand the obstacles of such things as firewalls and cement foundations.   Determining this beforehand will save you a ton of money and many headaches with connectivity problems.  It’s important to understand that not all connectivity issues can be solved at a later date with routers and smart home hub devices.

Power is a critical piece to the smart house remodel and you not only want to focus on new power outlets that include USB ports but also a means to hide that ugly mess of cables, power cords, splitters and the other techy boxes that are cumbersome and require space.   You may even want to include the services of an interior designer that can recommend pieces of furniture, like shelving or even new flooring, to disguise the signs of a smart room.

Clearly the message is to get opinions and estimates by professionals for your specific home before taking the leap.  While an over-the-phone estimate is a start, you will most definitely want the professionals to visit your home before buying any smart gadgets or systems.

A home can be marketed as smart with just a few home automation systems running on your smart phone or with the whole kit and caboodle, which may include home internet connected systems such as alarm, smoke-detector, water-leak sensors, garage door sensor, cameras and more.  You’ll want to check back here next week when we take a look at some of the latest gadgets and trends in smart home technology.

So before you renovate your kitchen or update the bathrooms for their resale value, think smart!  Looking for a smart home?  Contact The Matheson Team.

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