Let’s face it, when you go to sell your home, the competition is steep in Scottsdale’s luxury end real estate market.  So what will set your home apart from all the others on the market?  Granted a great curb appeal with a front landscape overhaul, fresh paint and maybe some new carpet or flooring topped off with professional staging will move your home to the front of the pack.

How do you move your home to number one on a prospective buyer’s wish list? You update your home with smart technology systems and gadgets!

You can either choose standalone gadgets that can be plugged into a USB port in your power outlet or you go all out and opt only for items that will be supported by or integrated into a standing platform already in your home such as Nest, SmartThings, HomeKit or an IFTTT channel.

If your goal is to create a comprehensive home system where everything works with everything else, call in the professionals from the get go.  It will save you a ton of money and a lot of time.

Whether it’s a basic smart light bulb that programs in your typical patterns and turns lights on and off to make it look like you are home or the super expensive  BeOn bulb that continues to glow even when the power goes out.

Our Smart Home Wish List: 

The first must have for your home is a remote multi-zone programmable thermostat.  There are several on the market to choose from and some can be controlled from Android or Iphone apps.  Our picks are the Sensi smart thermostat or the NEST learning thermostat.

For the kitchen why not add a Jenn-Air double wall oven with amazing smart cooking features that connects to the rest of your home through NEST or enjoy coffee controlled from your smart phone or brewed by voice command with The Behmor Connected Brewer.

Growing up we saw this on the Jetsons and believe it or not it’s here! The Deebot robot vacuum cleaner has smart technology that will automatically empty the dust bin, clean around obstacles and can even be programmed to clean your floors when you are not home.

We live in the desert and what home buyer wouldn’t be attracted to a smart faucet? A no touch smart faucet not only conserves energy and saves you money on your energy bill but it eliminates the contagion of cooties between family members and guests.  There’s even a smart shower meter on the market that touts saving you 440 kWh of energy and 8,500 liters of water every year.  This smart shower gadget doesn’t use any electricity just the flow water to charge itself.

There is even a smart tech home alarm clock on wheels that moves around your room when the alarm goes off.  It’s a sure guarantee that you get out of bed instead of hitting the snooze alarm.

Wireless speakers, door and window sensors, garage sensors, alarm systems, remote controlled camera systems and smart refrigerators may seem passé at this point, but don’t underestimate the attraction it creates for a home buyer.

So how smart are you?  When you go to sell  your home you will want to sit down with your real estate professional and discuss how to market your Smart Home and determine beforehand what gadgets will stay with the home and what will be going with you to your next.

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