If you’re moving to Scottsdale, whether you’re coming from across the state or across the country, this moving checklist will help you stay on-track throughout the entire process.

The Ultimate Moving Checklist: 23 Things You Must Do Before You Move

Before you start packing up your belongings and loading them on a truck, have a peek at this moving checklist. It contains 23 things that will make the moving process easier on you, your family (including your pets), your movers and your real estate agent.

  1. Create a “moving” file. You’ll need a place to stash quotes, receipts and moving-related records, so whether you keep it online or as a hard copy, your moving file will provide the information you need.
  2. Get quotes from moving companies. If you’re moving yourself, price out moving trucks and packing supplies so you know how much you’re likely to spend.
  3. Build your budget. Moving can get expensive, so plan out all the costs associated with your trek. Don’t forget to account for travel to your new home, pet-sitting or boarding fees, and the new things you’ll need when you move to your new space.
  4. Request time off work, if necessary. Aim for a Friday if you can – that way, you’ll have the rest of the weekend to unpack and get things in order.
  5. Get your kids’ records from school (if they’re changing schools). You’ll probably need shot records from your doctor, too.
  6. Gather your important documents – birth certificates, passports, marriage certificates and Social Security cards – and put them in a safe you can hand-carry to your next destination.
  7. Declutter your home. Choose which items you want to bring with you to your new home – and decide which ones you can live without.
  8. Hold a moving sale. You don’t have to have a physical moving sale; you can sell the items you no longer want or need on Facebook Marketplace or another sales site.
  9. Donate all the items you can’t or don’t want to sell. You can take unopened dry goods and canned goods to the local food pantry, outgrown clothing to a local shelter, and other items to a variety of charities. The Purple Heart even does pick-ups (and they leave a receipt you can use at tax time).
  10. Pick up moving supplies early. That way, if you run out of boxes or tape, you’ll still have time to pick up extras.
  11. Set aside old sheets, towels and T-shirts for packing materials if you’re not hiring a moving company. You can use them to pad glassware and other breakables.
  12. Measure doorways and staircases at your new home to make sure all your belongings will fit. If you’re hiring a moving company, they’ll make it work – but if you’re moving yourself, you might have your work cut out for you.
  13. Have your vehicle serviced if you’re driving a long distance for the move.
  14. Try to pack a little each day. That way, you won’t feel rushed when the big day arrives.
  15. Create inventory sheets for all your valuables. Write down everything – and label your boxes with numbers that match your sheets so you can find your belongings quickly in your new home.
  16. Take pictures of the backs of your televisions, game consoles and other electronics before you unplug them. That way, you’ll be able to refer back to the photos when you’re putting things together at the new place.
  17. Stash hardware (like nuts and bolts) from your furnishings together in clear, plastic bags. Label each bag with a permanent marker so you know what pieces go with each piece.
  18. Think about buying moving insurance that covers all your belongings. If you’re hiring a moving company, ask about their rates – and see what kind of coverage they offer.
  19. Set up utilities in your new home. You’ll need gas and electric (or at least one of the two), and cable and internet. Call well in advance of your move to make sure you can get appointments soon after you move in.
  20. Clear out your freezer as you go. Try to use everything in there before the big day – that way, you don’t have the hassle of moving frozen foods. (Sorry… you’re going to have to eat the entire gallon of ice cream. As an alternative, you can bring it by our office.)
  21. Let your creditors, utility companies and the U.S. Postal Service know about your upcoming move. Provide them with your new address as soon as you have it.
  22. Confirm your reservation with the moving company if you’ve hired one – or double-check with the people who volunteered to help you to make sure they’re still available.
  23. Pack an overnight bag with all your essentials. Don’t forget medications, contact lens solution, shampoo and other toiletries (including toothbrushes and toothpaste), pet food and treats, and washcloths and towels.

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