It’s a showdown! Four hot collegiate teams will be duking it out on the field to determine who is the real beauty and who is the real beast.  The Rugby Bowl is one of the biggest rugby events in the country, and it takes place on Saturday, April 18th at Scottsdale Stadium in downtown Scottsdale.

The scrum of the day features our very own nationally-ranked ASU Sun Devils as they take on the former Big Ten Champs, Ohio State Buckeyes at 3:00 pm. Just as exciting of a match will be USC vs GCU as the two teams carry, pass, kick and ground the ball in their 1:00 pm game.

Other events leading up to the big match include the arm wrestling show offs against World Arm Wrestling champ, Travis “the beast” Bagent and a fashion show by Phoenix Fashion Week.  With a sponsor like Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale, you can count on some exclusively hot cars to be on the grounds for your viewing pleasure.

If you are new to the game, we’ve got you covered. Here is a cheat sheet to sneak in your wallet, Rugby for Dummies.

We’ll bet ya’ ten-to-one you will stump your friends with this wild fact about rugby.

Did you know? Rugby balls were once made from pigs’ bladders and they had to be blown up by mouth – and it was possible to become sick from blowing up a rugby ball. In fact, the wife of Richard Lindon, a man who made balls for Rugby School in the 19th Century, died after breathing in the air from too many bad bladders.

Tickets range from $15 to $50 at the door; reserved tables run from $250 to $325; and, the dugout for you and 24 of your gang will set you back $1k. ASU, GCU, USC and OSU students get in for only $4.18 with a current student ID.

Scottsdale Stadium is located at the northeast corner of N. Drinkwater Blvd and E. Osborn Rd in Scottsdale.

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