Did you know that Canada makes a pretty significant impact on the Arizona economy? Not only do we benefit from tourism from our Canadian neighbors, but also from goods and services trade between Canada and Arizona.

I’m a Canadian who has lived and worked as a realtor in Scottsdale since 1995, and I sell homes to Canadians.  That’s why I take a special interest in anything to do with the Canada-Arizona connection.

In 2012, Canadians made 895,900 visits to Arizona, resulting in approximately $923 million dollars spent. Canadians not only love to vacation here, they like to buy vacation properties here.

Canadians who are fortunate enough to have a winter home here, can spend up to approximately 6 months in the U.S. every year. As a result, our Canadian “snowbirds” make a big impact on our economy. Not only do they buy real estate, but they also shop, dine, golf, renovate their homes, and attend concerts and professional sporting events. If they’re here and they’re retired, let’s face it, they have more time on their hands to play than those of us who are working.

In addition to the economic impact of Canadian tourists and “snowbirds”, Canada is a significant trade partner of Arizona. In 2013, Canada and Arizona had $3.7 billion in bilateral trade, and Canada accounted for 12% of Arizona’s foreign exports.

Arizona exports $2.2 billion to Canada annually, with equipment and machinery making up 39% of exports, followed by transportation, agriculture, minerals and metals, and chemicals.

Arizona, in turn, imports $1.5 billion from Canada (with equipment and machinery, transportation and forest products at the top of the list.)

In fact, 132,200 Arizona jobs depend on trade and investment with Canada.

So, although we’re a long way from the US/Canadian border, our neighbors to the north are pretty great neighbors to have.  Canadians benefit the Arizona economy through tourism, residing here in the winter months, buying or renting Arizona real estate, and trading goods and services with Arizona.

All data obtained from Government of Canada: compiled from Statistics Canada, US Census Bureau and US Bureau of Economic Analysis.

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