Looking for a mind-blowing evening out that the whole family will enjoy?  The Davis Circus of Illusion combines a bit of circus, opera and a lot of magic to make this theater extravaganza the best hidden gem in Scottsdale.

Old and young alike will be wowed by disappearing birds, metal objects and even people.  Where do they go?  Not even the quickest in the crowd will figure out these brain-twisting feats.  The evening is pure delight with laughter, shock and awe, and pure talent.

The show features Craig Davis, Master Illusionist; Myryka, professional belly dancer and magician assistant; Jeanette Davis, classically trained soprano, and possibly you or a family member that volunteer to assist in the magic on stage.

The Master Illusionist feats include card tricks, mentalist readings, magic tricks and a finale of juggling knives blind-folded on an elevated platform on a unicycle.  He’s broken ribs before with this stunt and everyone in the crowd holds their breath transfixed until he’s back on the floor on his feet!

Sitting at the edge of your seats the whole show can be a little exhausting so there is a beautiful reprieve from the show as world-class belly dancer and acrobat, Myryka, takes to the stage and stuns the audience with poise, grace, agility and authentic belly dancing.  The dancing is surprisingly a mesmerizing show of its own!

The evening finale with Craig and his assistant, Myryka, is amazing and we’re not going to ruin it by divulging any of its secrets.  Be sure and say hi to “Peaches” when you get there.  She just might give you an unsolicited kiss!

For a sneak peek of what the evening holds, click here; for tickets click here.  The performances are bi-monthly and sell out, so you’ll want to reserve your ticket soon to plan around those birthday and anniversary dates.

You’ll find this amazing venue just minutes from the 101 at the Cattletrack Arts Compound at 6105 N. Cattletrack Road, 85250, in central Scottsdale.   The Theater at Cattletrack, is an intimate theater with state-of-the-art technology.

This is definitely a special night out for couples, families, artists and aspiring magicians or a back to school treat!  Show time for August 25th, September 8th & 23rd are 8:00 p.m.  In the fall with the onset of longer days, curtains open at 7:30 pm.  General admission is $38 with premium seating $48.  Questions or reservations for a large group? Call, 480-330-1592.

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