Did you know that Black Friday is the busiest day of the year for plumbers?  That’s because so many people tend to toss everything they can think of down their garbage disposal on Thanksgiving Day.  Below is a list of items you should NEVER put down your garbage disposal and why.

  1. Potato peels
    Starchy items such as potato peels can ball-up and clog the disposal
  2. Celery
    Fibrous vegetables, as well as butcher’s string, can ball up and even cause the seals to leak by dislodging them.
  3. Other fibrous vegetables:  corn husks, artichokes and onion skins
    All of these can get caught in your disposal blades and cause it to break down.
  4. Grease
    Cooking grease can solidify in the drain and disposal and cause a clog.  Trying to rinse it down with hot water can cause the grease to congeal.  The end result?  The disposal and plumbing will need to be taken apart in order to clear the clog.
  5. Egg shells
    The membrane on the inside of the egg shell can wrap around the blades of your disposal and gum up the grinding components
  6. Nuts
    Put enough peanuts in your disposal and your plumber will be spooning peanut butter out of it when he comes to repair it!
  7. Pasta
    Pasta expands when you add water to it, and presto, you have a clog.  Keep adding water to clear it, and you have a bigger mess as it keeps expanding.
  8. Rice
    Like pasta, rice expands when you add water to it.  The more water you add, the more it expands.
  9. Coffee grounds
    Coffee grounds can get caught in the “trap” of the garbage disposal and cause a clog.
  10. Pits or seeds
    Because pits and seeds are hard, they will damage the components of the disposal, which was not designed to deal with hard objects.  They can also get caught in your drain.
  11. Bones
    Bones are hard and your disposal was not designed to “chop” through them.  Bones can damage your disposal’s grinding components, and they can also get caught in your drain.  However, some experts say that small bones are okay.
  12. Chemicals
    Household cleaners, chemicals and liquid plumber will deteriorate your disposal’s seals and weaken the components of the metal grinding chamber.  Use a snake to clear your drain instead, or call a plumber.
  13. Shrimp shells
    These are tougher than they look and little pieces can get stuck in your disposal, creating a bad smell if left for any time.
  14. Hot water
    Hot water is not good for your disposal because the grinding components and motor can become over heated.  Use cold water instead when flushing items down your disposal.
  15. Fingers or hands
    Enough said!

The Matheson Team wishes you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  Remember to give thanks, and be kind to your garbage disposal.

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