Over-decorating or even decorating a home on the market during the Holiday season can be the kiss of death for a timely sale. The experts’ opinion tip the scale in favor of stashing those decorations and waiting until next year to decorate.

Since the number one tip for all homeowner’s putting their house on the market is to de-clutter and de-personalize, it’s nearly impossible to add Holiday decorations to the décor without taking away from the space and merits of the home.

The rationale behind not decorating is so the buyer can imagine the home as their own.   It’s a rare feat to find two people with the same taste in decorations, so your safest course of action is–no action. It is easier for a buyer to imagine the home as their own when there are neutral colors and limited amount of furniture and accoutrements. In addition, open and clean spaces add to the illusion of the square footage of the home being larger than it really is—a great selling point when the buyer is comparing other homes of equal square footage to yours.

If you must put up a tree, then do so with a small tree or better yet a counter top version. A “live” wreath on the front door is a statement of refinement and style so go ahead and indulge there. But forego the red and green lights and stick with some all-white lighting that can accent space rather than dominate or take away.

Stay away from heavy scented candles but place a platter of cookies on the counter for your buyer’s enjoyment. Stockings can stay tucked away this year because you want the key features such as a cantera fireplace and mantle to be shown as a selling point, which can be hard to see under stockings and faux snow.

While there may be a temporary lull in the market over the holidays the buyers that are out are motivated! A holiday house hunter may need to close escrow on their home by year end for tax purposes so keeping your home on the market can capitalize on this season’s buyer.

Ultimately, it’s the decision of the seller whether or not to decorate their home that’s for up for sale. If you must, keep your decorations to a minimum and secular, since you want all buyers to feel welcome and comfortable in your home, viewing it as their own.

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