You have guests coming to town and you are trying to come up with a unique way to show them around. Whether you are headed out to Old Town Scottsdale, the Greenbelt park system, the Phoenix Zoo, Desert Ridge, Tempe Town Lake or just about any other place you can dream up for a guest itinerary, why not show them around on a Segway?

The machine looks like a pogo stick with a platform and a battery, and upon first sight you are questioning how the person is remaining upright without falling over. Within minutes of instruction you too will be able to maneuver this super scooter through the busy streets of Scottsdale, as if riding your own bike.

This remarkable piece of engineering better described as a personal transportation machine uses a complex series of sensors and gyroscopes to balance a human passenger on a pair of wheels. The user stands on a platform between the two wheels set side by side and simply moves their body to go forward and backward or to stop. The Segway detects, as it balances, the change in its center of mass, and first establishes and then maintains a corresponding speed, forward or backward. To make a turn, simply press the handlebar left or right.

Still skeptical that you are coordinated enough to glide through town on one of these amazing machines? Just give it a try, there are professional guides who are trained and can get you up and running–or flying depending on your personal preference for speed—in a safe and enjoyable manner in minutes.

There are several companies to choose from but one local Segway provider you may just want to try out is Scottsdale Segway Tours. They are the only Arizona company to have earned Tripadvisor’s “Certificate of Excellence” award in 2014.

It’s a titillating and exhilarating experience, like none other.

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