Everyone is back in the classroom, so it’s time to review some safety tips to ensure it’s a great year!

Most of the scrapes and bruises happen to and from school so here are some safety tips to review with your student before they head out on their skateboard, bike or scooter.

  • Avoid busy streets
  • Listen to the school guards and only cross at light-controlled intersections
  • Look both ways when crossing the street even after you get the walk light
  • Never cut across meridians or cross mid-street
  • Wear your helmet
  • Commute with the buddy system

Did you know the number one problem that plagues the playground and sports field is preventable?  Dehydration is the number one problem related to accidents and injuries.  You’ll want to keep your eye on the temperatures because dehydration can result in heat stroke with lifelong health implications.

Prevention is the best medicine so load the kids up at home with lots and lots of fluids both before and after school and pack a sports drink loaded with electrolytes during the hottest months which are typically at the beginning and end of the school year.  Remember, more fluids are needed for after school soccer, football and band practice so a gentle reminder before they head out the door is to drink something every 30 minutes.

After school safety is just as important!

How many moms and dads have gone through the anxiety of learning their kids locked themselves out of their home and couldn’t get in.  The era of the latch-key kid being locked out should be a thing of the past but it isn’t.  There is an easy solution for the homeowner that ends the potential security breach encountered with hiding the house key under the flower pot on the side of the house and safeguarding your kids can get in after school.  Install an affordable garage-door key pad for easy access and an added element of security for everyone.

Another reminder, keep the cell phones charged and check in with mom, dad or another family member upon arriving home.

The back-to-school routine will become just that, routine, but until it does use morning reminders before they head out the door.

Let’s all have the safest school year possible!

Don Matheson
Realtor | Founder
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