If you’re like most people, moving doesn’t make your “Top 10 fun things to do” list. It’s probably not even in the top 50 – but with these 21 moving tips from the pros, you can make your move easier and a lot less stressful.

Moving to Scottsdale? 21 Moving Tips From the Pros

While we can’t wave a magic wand and move your belongings from your old house to your new one, we can give you these 21 moving tips from the experts to help you de-stress the process.

Moving to Scottsdale - Moving Tips - Utilities

Moving Tip #1: Schedule utilities ahead of time.

Call well in advance to set up your electricity, gas, cable and other utilities. That way, everything’s ready for you when you move into your new home.

Moving Tip #2: Hire movers ASAP.

Get on the phone (or internet) and schedule your movers as soon as you can. The sooner you can schedule them, the better – that way, you don’t risk getting bumped for an “emergency” move.

Moving to Scottsdale - Moving Tips - Work With Movers Who Have Time for You

Moving Tip #3: Work with movers who have plenty of time for you in their schedule.

Avoid working with a moving company that says it’ll “squeeze” you in an otherwise busy day. If you take that cramped spot on the schedule, you’re likely to get the company’s most exhausted moving crew – and they might even show up late because they were on another job.

Moving Tip #4: Book an early morning move if possible.

Try to hire your movers to start early in the morning. That way, they’re fresh and haven’t already done three other jobs before they get to yours.

Moving to Scottsdale - Moving Tips - Renting Your Own Moving Truck

Moving Tip #5: Think about renting your own moving truck.

If you’re on a cost-cutting mission, sometimes hiring movers to pack up a truck and then unpack it in your new home is a lot cheaper than using a moving company’s mode of transport. You might even be able to save hundreds of dollars.

Moving Tip #6: Move during the week and save unpacking for the weekend.

It’s a pain taking a day or two off during the week, but if you move on the weekend, you’re going to be pretty wiped out by Monday morning. However, if you move on a Thursday and take Friday, Saturday and Sunday to unpack, you’ll spread out the work and make things easier on yourself.

Moving to Scottsdale - Moving Tips - Skip Grocery Shopping for a Few Weeks

Moving Tip #7: Skip grocery shopping a few weeks before your move.

If you can, work through all the food in your refrigerator, freezer and cabinets before your move. That way, you don’t have to rush from one house to another with ice cream (and let’s be honest – do any of us need an excuse to eat ice cream?).

Moving Tip #8: Get all your moving supplies at one time.

Going back and forth to buy more moving supplies is a huge inconvenience while you’re packing, so try to buy all your moving supplies at once. If you have extras when you’re finished, you can return them to the store or donate them – but there’s a good chance that you’ll use everything.

Moving to Scottsdale - Moving Tips - Sell and Donate Items

Moving Tip #9: Sell, donate and get rid of items you don’t use.

You’ll save time (and space) on moving day and simplify your life if you sell, donate or otherwise get rid of items you don’t use. A good rule of thumb: If you haven’t used or enjoyed something in the past 6 months, it’s time for it to find a new home.

Moving Tip #10: Hand-carry important documents.

Don’t risk losing insurance documents, birth certificates, passports and other important documents. Keep them with you when you move. On moving day, stash them beneath the seat of your car (just don’t forget to take them back out when you arrive at your new place).

Moving to Scottsdale - Moving Tips - Pack an Overnight Bag

Moving Tip #11: Pack an overnight bag for moving day.

Keep an overnight bag with all your essentials ready for moving day. Think about adding:

  • Towels
  • Blankets, sheets, pillowcases and pillows
  • Medications
  • Pet foods
  • Phone chargers
  • Tablets and other kids’ essentials

Moving Tip #12: Leave your clothing on hangers.

If you’re packing yourself, there’s no need to take your clothing off hangers. Use wardrobe boxes or even fold your clothes over their own hangers to pack in boxes – that way, you don’t have to do “chores” when you get to the new place.

Moving Tip #13: Put plastic wrap over your silverware tray and other organizers.

Don’t pack everything separately! Wrap plastic wrap over your silverware tray and other drawer organizers (you can even do this with dresser drawers if you’re so inclined) so you don’t have to find individual items and refill them in your new home.

Moving to Scottsdale - Moving Tips - Invest in Space Saving Bags

Moving Tip #14: Invest in space-saving bags for fluffy items.

Puffy items like comforters, pillows and blankets can go straight into space-saving bags, and you can vacuum the air from them to save space.

Moving Tip #15: Store kitchen items in pots and pans, and secure the lids with rubber bands or tape.

Put measuring cups and other small kitchen items in pots and pans, put the lids on, and secure the lids with rubber bands or tape. That way, you’re saving space in your boxes and you’re keeping all your like items together, which makes unpacking much easier.

Moving Tip #16: Take pictures of the backs of your televisions and other electronics.

Snap a few photos of the backs of your electronics before you detach all the wires. That way, it’ll be easier to put everything back where it belongs when you’re setting up your new home.

Moving Tip #17: Keep screws, bolts and other fasteners in plastic bags, and tape them to your items.

Keep everything together (and organized) by stashing screws, bolts and other fasteners in a zippered plastic bag, then taping the bag to the items that need those fasteners.

Moving to Scottsdale - Moving Tips - Finish Packing Two Days Before

Moving Tip #18: Finish packing two days before you move.

Don’t put off the last bit of packing until moving day. Aim to have everything finished two days before the big day, and then, if you need more time, you have the day before the movers arrive to pick up your belongings.

Moving Tip #19: Set up your new bathroom before moving day.

Head over to your new house and set up the bathroom before you actually move in. That might mean putting up a shower curtain, stocking towels, washcloths and soap, adding tissue and bringing an extra tube of toothpaste (and some new toothbrushes).

Moving to Scottsdale - Moving Tips - Fill the Refrigerator and Freezer

Moving Tip #20: Fill the refrigerator and freezer with easy meals before moving day.

While you’re stocking your new bathroom with essential supplies, put a few things in the refrigerator and freezer. That way, you’ll have everything you need for quick, easy meals as soon as the movers unload the last box.

Moving Tip #21: Pack a cooler with snacks and drinks before you move.

You – and your movers – will appreciate your forethought if you pack a cooler with simple snacks and some drinks on moving day. Let everyone know it’s available and make sure to stop and re-stock it between your current house and your new one.

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