By: Julie Levin

Scottsdale residents and visitors, rejoice (yes, that includes you too, Ancala Homeowners)! The city of Scottsdale has just rolled out a brand new interactive tool that is sure to help you in your everyday life. Announced this November 2013, the new interactive web map can help tell you when to take your trash out and also when construction is happening in your neighborhood. The map is free to use and easy to access complete with colorful sections called “public amenities,” “my services” and “my neighborhood.” When you click on the map homepage it may seem a bit confusing, as it is broken up into many different sections. Here is an easy guide to show you how to use this innovative new tool that will really come in handy.

When you click on the public amenities section, you will see a map of Scottsdale and symbols for public services including local hospitals, fire stations, parks and libraries. It is great if you need to quickly look up a place in your area. You can also type in what you are searching for directly and print out the information as a PDF. Click on the services section to see a similar-looking map. Enter your address or intersection to get information specific to your home. It provides you valuable data on recycling, the school district, voting precinct and more. Lastly, the neighborhood section allows you to see houses with building permits in the area and other permits. Very useful!

Photo by Julie Levin
Screenshot by Julie Levin

Next, click on the complete list of interactive maps. You can look up flood insurance rates, case history and more. One of the most interesting sections is the historical aerial. Type in an address, and you can see a picture of what it looked in 2012 and back to 1969, if the image is available.  Very interesting.

Screenshot by Julie Levin
Screenshot by Julie Levin

The Scottsdale Interactive Map recently won the “Best Innovative Use of Technology for Web Mapping competition” at the Arizona Geographic Information Council’s Annual Conference in Prescott, according to the city of Scottsdale website. This is an excellent tool if you are new to the area or looking for a home or just want to learn more about the neighborhood in which you live!

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