If you’re like many people selling a home in Scottsdale, your REALTOR® has already talked to you about how important staging is – but you need a deep-dive on each room, including the master bathroom.

Here’s how you can stage your master bathroom to sell.

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How to Stage a Luxury Bathroom to Sell Your Home

First things first: You have to make sure any room you stage is spotlessly clean. For many people, that means hiring a crew of professionals for a deep-clean. That’s the best way to ensure everything gets done quickly (most crews can finish a deep-clean in less than a day) and that it’s done to an incredibly high standard. Professional cleaners will scour and scrub every inch of your home, from the baseboards to the crown molding, and they’ll know all the hot spots to hit.

If you choose to clean it yourself, that’s fine, too. Just remember that while prospective buyers may not notice the things that you do clean, but they’ll definitely notice the things you don’t clean.

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Use these tips to stage your master bathroom:

  1. Use crisp, brand-new white towels
  2. Place a comfortable chair in front of the vanity or in a corner
  3. Fill a basket with sea sponges and other spa accessories and place it near the tub
  4. Hang classic artwork
  5. Update your fixtures if necessary
  6. Add live plants

Let’s take a closer look at each of these.

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#1. Use crisp, brand-new white towels.

Your favorite spa uses crisp, brand-new white towels, and you love it – and you want prospective buyers to feel the same way. Hang them on racks (if you have an extra-wide rack, invest in bath sheets rather than standard-sized towels), and roll them and put them in a beautiful basket to add even more luxurious style.

#2. Place a comfortable chair in front of the vanity or in a corner.

You can make your master bath even more luxurious by adding a comfy chair in front of your vanity or placing one in an empty corner.

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#3. Fill a basket with sea sponges and other spa accessories and place it on the far corner of the tub.

If you have a garden tub, this is a wonderful way to add a relaxing vibe to your space. Complement it with an unlit white jar candle on the other corner and you’ll create the perfect look.

#4. Hang artwork.

Sure, you already have a mirror in the bathroom – but if you have empty wall space, hang artwork. Photos or paintings will do, as long as they’re modern and match the rest of your decor.

#5. Update your fixtures if necessary.

Swap out your fixtures if they’re outdated. Opt for new brushed aluminum or something similar – and make sure everything matches.

#6. Add live plants.

If you have empty counter space – and you should – place a small live plant with lively blossoms there. If there’s an empty corner, place a large live plant there. Just make sure it’s not too big; nobody should have to brush against it while walking into and out of the bathroom.

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