If you’re like many people, your home has one – or more – small bathrooms. So how can you make them more impressive to prospective buyers? This guide explains.

How to Make a Small Bathroom More Impressive to Sell Your Home

Just about every home on the market has a bathroom that could use a little improvement. For most buyers, bathrooms are a big selling point; in fact, they rank right up there with spacious kitchens and comfortable primary bedrooms.

But what can you do to improve the look of a small bathroom so buyers fall in love? Check out these three tips:

  1. Invest in a bigger mirror
  2. Chose a glass shower door
  3. Add luxury touches

Here’s a closer look at each.

Small Bathroom Improvement Tip #1: Invest in a Bigger Mirror

Mirrors can work miracles in cozy spaces because they reflect light and make the whole area feel larger. Additionally, they add depth – and that’s something buyers love to see. Consider investing in a mirror that extends across the entire wall, which can open up the space and make it feel almost twice as big as it actually is.

Pro Tip: Choose a mirror with a frame. Buyers associate framed mirrors with luxury, which may be what you’re going for if you want to sell your home quickly and at the best possible price.

Small Bathroom Improvement Tip #2: Choose a Glass Shower Door

Shower curtains close off a bathroom, making it feel smaller because the space is out of sight. You can open up visual space by installing a clear, tempered glass shower door. You can install your own shower door if you’re handy – but if you’re not, the national average cost for this type of project is between $500 and $1,000, not including the door itself. (You can find a great selection of shower doors at your local home improvement store!)

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Small Bathroom Improvement Tip #3: Add Luxury Touches

Luxury touches like fluffy and heavy towels, a plush bath mat, designer soaps and adding spa candles to the countertop can make a huge difference in a small bathroom’s ambiance. Think about corralling countertop items in clear glass jars, adding a gorgeous plant to the counter or windowsill, and putting a tub tray across the bathtub, as well.

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Other Things You Can Do to Improve the Look of a Small Bathroom

Make sure the lights are bright and soft, and that the window treatments are pulled back or raised when people are coming to tour your home. Brighter spaces feel bigger, so double-check your light fixtures and make sure they’re not siphoning away light from your bulbs.

Pro Tip: Avoid “noisy” or busy decor. Keep things simple in a small bathroom!

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