Cleaning your window coverings—especially blinds, shutters, and shades—can be one of the most tedious household chores there is, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s how you can keep your blinds, shutters, and shades looking their best with minimal effort.

Dust: Regularly dusting is the easiest way to maintain your window coverings. Try to dust at least once a week. For best results, use an untreated cloth, feather duster, static-charged duster, or lamb’s wool duster.

After dusting, wipe your blinds down with a dryer sheet. Not only do dryer sheets remove static from your clothes in the dryer, but they can reduce the static magnetism of your blinds. That means less dust the next time you wipe them down.

Vacuum: Dusting doesn’t always make sense. How do you dust a honeycomb window covering? In those cases, vacuum your blinds on the lowest setting using a brush attachment (don’t forget to vacuum both sides).

As a general rule, you want to vacuum your blinds, shutters, and shades at least once a week, but an even better idea is to incorporate cleaning them into your regular vacuuming routine. Whenever you vacuum a room, vacuum the window coverings, too.

Compressed air: Another option is to use compressed air, either from an air compressor or can. Take care too not use too much pressure. If you have a vacuum that will work, though, it’s probably the better option since it will suck the dust in and not blow it all over your room.

Spot cleaning: If you find a spot after dusting or vacuuming, use a damp cloth to gently wipe window coverings made from metal, composites, and other durable materials. On fabrics and delicate materials, blot the area, applying minimal pressure. Avoid cleaners, and immediately dry with a cloth.

Water: Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for the care of your window coverings before using water on them. Water can warp and/or damage window coverings made of natural wood, bamboo, and fabrics but is usually safe on those made of metal and vinyl. If you are uncertain whether water is safe for your window coverings, err on the side of caution.

Assuming it’s safe to use water, you have a few options. For blinds that can be removed from the window, fill your bathtub with water and a mild soap and submerge the blinds in the tub for 15-20 minutes. Rinse them, wipe them with a soft cloth, and hang to dry.

Or, take the process outside. Hang the blinds on a clothesline or lay them flat in your driveway. Wash with soapy water, rinse, and hang to dry.

If you have shutters, for example, that can’t be removed, put plastic on the floor and wash them in place with the soapy water. Make sure to wipe them dry to prevent streaks.

Sonic cleaning: Don’t want to go to all the trouble and mess of cleaning your window coverings? Hire a company to clean them for you. Many companies clean blinds, shutters, and shades by using a very high-pitched but silent sound wave to remove dust and dirt. Less work and less mess for you.

Taking small daily and weekly steps to keep your home clean makes a big difference in the long run, and minimizes your spring cleaning efforts. Give us a call with any questions about making your home sparkle, especially if you’re getting ready to put it on the market!

Don Matheson
Realtor | Founder
The Matheson Team – RE/MAX Fine Properties
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