What truly appeals to a home buyer?  If you’re wondering what you can do to improve the value of your Scottsdale home, consider investing in a smart home technology system.

We are living in a technical world, with consumers fixated on the latest and greatest tech gadgets, and it’s not going away.  Homes with state-of-the-art technology are flat out appealing to home buyers.

In fact, most new construction luxury homes in the Scottsdale area include a high tech home automation system that can be controlled with the press of a button on a device like an iPad or iPhone.

Let’s face it – we’re in a world where you just “log on.”  Working late and you want the lights turned on at home? You can control just about anything in your home from anywhere in the world from your home.

Are you on the way to the airport and can’t remember if you locked the door to the garage and turned on the alarm?  No worries, the answer is at the tip of your fingers on your smart phone.

Never before have parents been able to be so confident in the safety of their children.  You no longer have to call to see that Johnny got home and is doing his homework, you just log in and take a peak.  With a keyless entry system, you don’t have to worry about him losing his house key.

A security system is now standard in most homes.  The next generation is security camera systems – with the touch of a button you have surveillance inside and out.  You can be sitting at the airport and watching the UPS driver drop off a package at your front door.

And for homeowners who have already “gone green”, there are electronic integrated functions that monitor the environmental footprint of usage in every room of the home.

In addition to all of this you can listen to music from satellite, radio or CD, watch TV, check the weather, control your thermostats, turn on your fireplace, and heat your spa all from a single device – no need to juggle complicated remote controls!

If you’re thinking of selling your Scottsdale home, consider upgrading your home’s technology.  This will help you compete against higher-tech new construction homes, and give you a competitive edge among lower-tech resale homes.

Contact The Matheson Team, your Scottsdale real estate experts, for recommendations on local companies offering integrated home technology systems.

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