The latest wedding registry trend for Millenials tying the knot might just come with a little shock when you see there is only one thing on the list:  their new home.

We’ve acclimated to the concept of funneling our goodwill — that much coveted cash wedding gift — to sites such as and so that the newlyweds can depart for their honeymoon knowing there are no big bills to face when they return.

And we’re use to browsing the “to be” couple’s wedding website and mobile app.

So it’s not surprising to find couples registering for their new home.  With so many couples living together before they take that stroll down matrimony lane, there is no longer a need for linens, pots and pans, china, and the list goes on.

Some couples may only register for one site, such as, as a sole message to family and friends of what they are really trying to achieve.

Other couples elect for a more creative funding option,, where the gifted money can be used for design changes to an existing house or later in setting up a nursery. is still less specific, and couples with their downpayment already in place are using the funds for home repairs or renovations in lieu of that vacuum cleaner that will more than likely go unused.

Well, the innovation of “crowdsourcing” is here to stay, so why not help out with the couple’s largest purchase of a lifetime?  How many times have you looked at a registry of “things” and then just decided to write a check?

I have to admit, “I do” appreciate that some things just keep getting easier and easier.

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Don Matheson
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