Greasewood Flat, the 120-year-old Scottsdale landmark, outdoor eatery and entertainment mecca that steps you back into the Old West, will be moving in the next year or so.  The Cavelliere family, the owners of the 48.8 acre parcel of land on which the venue sits, have sold the property to Taylor-Morrison Homes.

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Greasewood Flat was built in the 1800’s in the middle of what was then the bunkhouse for workers at DC Ranch.  DC Ranch, a cattle ranch at the time, spanned thousands of acres across to the north and south.

In 1955, Doc Cavalliere bought a 48.8 acre parcel from Doc Crosby (the ‘DC’ in DC Ranch) where Greasewood Flat sits, to have a place out of the bustle of Phoenix.  The property included the cafe, Pinnacle Peak Patio, which he renamed Reata Pass.  

It was operated by Doc and his wife until 1975. At that point, Cavalliere was in his 60’s and wanted to slow down a bit, so he closed Reata Pass.

Greasewood Flat named after Greasewood bushes
Greasewood Flat named after Greasewood bushes

Doc fixed up the bunkhouse, built picnic tables, put in a dance floor and opened up Greasewood Flat as a place for his friends. He didn’t put a lot of worry into the name: there were greasewood bushes and the area was relatively flat, hence it became Greasewood Flat.  

Proposed new site
The Cavalliere family is proposing to move the site to a new location at 134th Street and Pinnacle Peak (more specifically 128th & Ranch Gate).  It is close to Tom’s Thumb Trail Head and would allow more horse and hiker traffic.  

However, there is opposition to this move by Troon area residents with concern about traffic patterns and whether the current facility can even be relocated.  Keep an eye on information from Greasewood Flat and The Greater Pinnacle Peak Association as the city and homeowners continue to discuss the plan.

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