Traditionally, purple was the color of royalty. Now, it’s also the color of the luxury jet service that could be coming to Scottsdale Airport next spring.

JetPurple Airwayz recently released a press release indicating its intentions to begin service from Scottsdale to Las Vegas, San Diego, and Puerto Penasco, Mexico. However, officials with Scottsdale Airport say the airline hasn’t contacted them about its plans to operate there.

There’s another hitch—the municipal airport’s master plan doesn’t allow for commercial flights for a number of reasons, including noise. However, founder Adam Blumenkranz says JetPurple Airwayz will operate with existing public charter carries and will only service flights four days a week, unlike commercial airlines.

Whether that makes a difference or not is yet to be seen. For now, service is up in the air.

Assuming the airline does begin operating out of Scottsdale Airport, it plans to eventually add flights to San Francisco, Denver, and Las Vegas. Service is targeted to the business traveler who wants a luxury-style flight, and the pricing will reflect that.

Expect to pay $500 for a roundtrip ticket to San Diego, $500 for a roundtrip ticket to Las Vegas, and $300 for a roundtrip ticket to Puerto Penasco on JetPurple. As a comparison, you can purchase a roundtrip coach ticket to San Diego from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport for as little as $200.

Your flight may also be a little longer. JetPurple will use Airbus ATR-42 twin turbo-prop planes, which travel about 100 miles slower than the larger jets used by most commercial airlines. However, because Scottsdale is a smaller airport, you’ll have shorter TSA lines, less air traffic, and near-zero ground wait times.

Of course, this is based on service actually coming to Scottsdale Airport. If JetPurple has to operate out of Sky Harbor, you’ll have the longer wait times.

But, on JetPurple, you do have the benefit of two free checked bags and only a $15 charge for additional checked bags. Overweight bags are $25.

JetPurple Airwayz began in 2012 with flights from Chicago’s Midway Airport in Illinois to Manistee County Blacker Airport in Michigan. Since many of its customers frequented the Phoenix area and Los Angeles, the company decided to begin serving those areas.

Blumenkranz says Scottsdale Airport was their first choice over Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport because Scottsdale Airport was less congested and because, with its golf courses and spas, the city is an appealing tourist destination.

So, why all the emphasis on purple? Although you’ll be treated like royalty on the flight, the color is actually meant to pay tribute to the Southwest, where the company will focus on its hubs in Scottsdale and Los Angeles.  Don’t be surprised by the purple seats, carpet and texture on the walls.

Time will tell if we see these luxury flights flying in and out of our beautiful city.

Don Matheson
Realtor | Founder
The Matheson Team – RE/MAX Fine Properties
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