If you’re looking to revamp your landscaping in a beautiful and sustainable way, think about contacting a landscape architect at Xerophytic, Design Inc, the Phoenix-based design, build and maintenance company that helps create cohesive, eco-chic retreats for homes across the state.

Xerophytic: the ability to adapt to to a xeric, or dry, environment

Xerophytic Design, Inc.
Xerophytic Design, Inc.

As Scottsdale Real Estate Experts, we are always happy to recommend home-improvement ideas to our new buyers. Making sure you have an inviting front and back yard is a great way to maximize the usable space of your property — plus, it’s a major up-side if you ever consider re-selling. And with eco-friendly design practices and the use of many native plants, xerophytic design is a great way to keep water bills low and enjoy the great outdoors all year long.

The Sonoran Desert is the hottest and most bio-diverse desert in North America, so the conscious effort to mesh every aspect of design, installation and maintenance with Arizona’s natural environment is what makes Xerophytic Design, Inc. such a local favorite.

Xero believes strongly in the “site-specific” approach to design. On top of Xero’s dedication to ensuring your landscape designs are both water-conscious and low-maintenance, it pays equal attention to the more fun, creative side of the process — making sure your back and front yards look as layered, colorful and as complimentary to your home’s overall architecture as possible.

Xerophytic Design, Inc.
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