Do you need your own REALTOR® when you’re buying new construction in Scottsdale? Absolutely – and here’s why.

Do You Need Your Own REALTOR When You Buy a New Construction Home in Scottsdale?

If you’re buying a newly constructed home – or if you’re having one built – you can benefit from having your own REALTOR by your side throughout the process. The builder will most likely have a real estate agent (or a few agents) on-staff who are ready to sell you a home, but those agents work for the builder, and their primary job is to get the builder the highest price possible.

But if you have your own real estate agent by your side throughout the transaction, you’ll have someone there who’s fighting for your best interests (rather than the builder’s best interests).

You actually need your own real estate agent right from the beginning. You want someone who represents your side of the transaction with you from start to finish. And it’s definitely a good idea to bring your real estate agent with you the very first time you make contact with a builder; that’s because the builder will be responsible for paying your agent’s commission, so you need to let the agent on-staff know that you already have representation.

What Your REALTOR Will Do for You When You’re Buying New Construction

Your REALTOR will help you get the most value for your money, and that’s true whether you’re buying new construction or an existing home. Your agent’s duty is to put your best interests first in any transaction.

When it comes to buying new construction, you can count on your agent to help you negotiate on price, upgrades and so much more, too. Here’s a peek at what your agent can do for you:

Negotiate “extras.” Your real estate agent will negotiate with the builder on upgrades like countertops, appliances and other things you want in your new home. If you work only with the seller’s agent, he or she is unlikely to offer them to you – after all, they cost the builder money.

Recommend financing. Most builders have a “preferred lender” they want you to work with, but that lender may not be the right choice for you. Your REALTOR can recommend financing options outside what the builder is offering so you can make the right decision. (And at the very least, your agent will recommend that you shop around for a lender that can give you the best loan product and terms.)

Help you negotiate after a home inspection. Even brand-new homes need to be inspected – no house is ever perfect. After your inspection, if there are items that you want the builder to fix or change, your agent will negotiate for them.

Is the Builder’s Agent Ever Helpful?

The builder’s agent is definitely a helpful – and necessary – resource! That’s where you’ll go to get all your information about the home’s construction, and that’s who knows what types of amenities and upgrades are available when you buy a new home. Your agent and the builder’s agent will work closely together to ensure you’re getting the perfect home for your needs.

Are You Buying or Selling a Home in Scottsdale?

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