If you are thinking about getting your home ready for the market and want to make some updates that will attract a discerning buyer, new flooring is one remodel to consider.

But if you are thinking new carpet, think again!  Sure, buyers expect to see carpet in the master bedroom and maybe some of the ancillary bedrooms but what is trending for 2017 is tile, large-format tile to be exact!

Large-format tile was trending in 2016 and the mystery remains how it originally made the transition from commercial application to residential use.   But it did and it’s the rage and for now it looks like it is here to stay!

What is large-format tile?  A tile is considered large-format when one length or width is more than 15 inches.

Only 15 inches?  That measurement is considered passé’ in the design world of North Scottsdale.   In fact, we are seeing tiles as large as 5 feet by 10 feet with application even on the walls!

Admittedly, the most common size is 18 by 36 inches and its primary use is on the floor in large open spaces.  The second most common application is in the bathroom and the bathroom showers.  Since there are less grout lines, it makes for reduced visual interruption and interpretation and the large-format tile creates an illusion of spaciousness.

This new style isn’t just relegated to tile, it is showing up in concrete, metal, natural stone, wood and even fabric for both indoor and outdoor application.

The downside? The cost.  While large-format tile will run you between $7 and $28 a square foot which is comparable to standard-sized tile, it’s the design and installation that is a little pricier!

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