If you are looking for a break from house-hunting with The Matheson Team, the Amerind Museum and Fulton-Hayden Memorial Art Gallery is a day trip from the Greater Phoenix area and offers visitors rare glimpses into the Southwest’s cultural past.

Amerind Museum is located off-the-beaten-path in the secluded Texas Canyon amidst the large mystical granite rock formations sandwiched between Benson and Willcox, Arizona.

What started as an avocation for William Shirley Fulton (1880-1964) turned into full time passion resulting in one of the finest private museum collections of ethnographic and archaeological materials in North America.

When you arrive at the museum you will find much more than art and artifacts. The Amerind Museum tells the story of America’s first peoples from Alaska to South America and from the last Ice Age to the present.

A visitor to the museum may find an Indian artist demonstrating their skill, a program presented in authentic Native voice or a hosting of archaeologists, anthropologists and other scholars deep in discussion and research.

The mission of the museum is to foster and promote knowledge and understanding of the Native Peoples of the Americas through research, education, and conservation. This is a huge undertaking and with only a small portion of the collection being properly preserved and managed, Amerind needs your help. If you can’t find your way down to this diamond-in-the rough, you can help polish some of the stored artifacts by participating in their artifact adoption program for as little as $35 an artifact.

There is a vast program for the youth and they are invited to take part in the hands on educational programs. Be sure to check out the list of special events and programs before heading out to explore this rare and unique one-of-a-kind museum.

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