If you’re like most people, you know that home staging is incredibly important. In fact, your Scottsdale REALTOR® has probably already talked to you about tackling a few small projects that can help buyers fall in love with your home – but what about your primary bedroom? Check out these five tips for staging your primary bedroom to sell your home quickly (and at the right price).

5 Tips for Staging Your Primary Bedroom to Sell Your Home Quickly

Staging your home properly – including the primary bedroom – can increase the number of offers you get. Even better, it can increase the price tag on those offers, which means you may be able to sell your home faster and for more money if you’ve done it properly. Check out these five tips for staging your primary bedroom that professional home stagers use:

  1. Remove all the clutter
  2. Go easy on the furnishings
  3. Add lamps and new bedding
  4. Use a full-length mirror
  5. Bring in live plants

Here’s a closer look at each.

Bedroom Staging Tip - Remove Clutter

Staging Your Primary Bedroom, Tip #1: Remove All the Clutter

First things first: No matter how large your primary bedroom is, there’s no room for clutter. Clear out everything that you don’t routinely use, as well as anything that isn’t absolutely necessary for the room to function like it should. That means you should pack away collections of knickknacks, extra books, paperwork and clothing that’s out of season. Clutter doesn’t pair well with relaxation, so get rid of anything that could distract buyers from that idea.

Bedroom Staging Tip - Go Easy on Furnishings

Staging Your Primary Bedroom, Tip #2: Go Easy on the Furnishings

Your bedroom furniture should be pretty basic. Think a bed, dresser and bedside tables. If you have a reading nook or extra space, you can (and should) keep seating there – but other than that, remember to avoid any furniture that you have to “squeeze past” to get through.

Bedroom Staging Tip - Add Lamps and New Bedding

Staging Your Primary Bedroom, Tip #3: Add Lamps and New Bedding

Light is incredibly important in the primary bedroom, so add a pair of lamps (one on each bedside table) or a standing lamp in a dim corner. When buyers come to see your home, make sure the blinds are raised as high as they go and that the curtains are drawn back all the way. The more light you can add, the better; light makes rooms feel more open, bigger and more “breathable,” which is exactly what prospective buyers are looking for.

New bedding is important, too. You want your bedroom – regardless of its size – to look like a relaxing, peaceful place where a good night’s rest is just around the corner. Invest in a new comforter or quilt, a fresh duvet cover and a skirt that covers your box spring. Make sure to pick matching pillows so buyers feel like they’re in a luxury resort.

Bedroom Staging Tip - Add a Full Length Mirror

Staging Your Primary Bedroom, Tip #4: Use a Full-Length Mirror

Home stagers add full-length mirrors to most of the bedrooms they stage, and they do so for two good reasons: Mirrors reflect light, and they kick-start buyers’ imaginations. Buyers can see themselves getting ready for a big day (or any day, really) in a bedroom that features a full-length mirror.

Bedroom Staging Tip - Bring in Live Plants

Staging Your Primary Bedroom, Tip #5: Bring in Live Plants

A small tree in an otherwise-unused corner, a flowering plant on a bedside table or a lush, green plant on the dresser can go a long way toward making buyers feel like your primary bedroom is a refreshing place to rest. Don’t overdo it, though; stick to one or two plants so it doesn’t start to look like a greenhouse.

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