Summer will be here before we know it! We want to remind you to schedule an appointment for an annual A/C tune-up before it’s time to get that cool air flowing.

Think you don’t need an inspection? Here are five reasons to schedule an air conditioner tune-up today:

Your air conditioner is a major investment. The average cost of an air conditioning unit is $5,240, according to, with most consumers spending between $3,698 and $7,154. On the top end of the spectrum, some units can cost more than $10,000. That’s as much, if not more, than a used car, and you wouldn’t think twice about performing preventative maintenance on your car. Why wouldn’t you spend a little upfront on your air conditioner to ensure it performs all through the summer?

It doesn’t cost that much. An air conditioner tune-up can cost anywhere from $29 for a basic service to more than $100 for a comprehensive evaluation. But, think about it: even $100 is nothing when you consider the cost of a major, preventable repair. Some tune-up packages even offer discounts on repairs and parts, so if the technician does find something that needs to be addressed while he’s out, you’ll pay less for it.

A tune-up saves money in other ways, too. In addition to sparing you the expense of major repairs, a tune-up can help decrease your energy bills by increasing your system’s efficiency. It can also increase your air conditioner’s lifespan in the same way regular maintenance on your car can increase its lifespan.

Your air conditioner was dormant all winter. Your air conditioner may have worked fine last summer, but during the winter, dust and debris can settle on the coils and negatively affect your system’s efficiency. Refrigerant can also leak while it’s inactive, and cold weather can cause electrical problems. During a spring tune-up, the technician will recharge your air conditioner, clean its coils, and ensure it is operating safely.

Bonus: You go to the front of the line. In the unfortunate event that something does go wrong with your air conditioner after you’ve had a tune-up, most companies will give you priority service. So, while your neighbor may have to wait two or three days to have his system looked at after it fails in July, you could get same-day service.

A word about home service plans: Some companies offer home service plans that give you two seasonal heating and air conditioning service tune-ups, priority service, and preferred pricing on service, repair, and installation for a reasonable monthly rate, which can run as little as $20. You may want to consider this option for your Scottsdale home. The plan could definitely save you money in the long run, especially if you are running your air conditioner non-stop during the summer.

Why not take the easy route now and prevent any major repairs in the Scottsdale summer? We have our A/C checked every year, and it’s always well-worth it.

Don Matheson
Realtor | Founder
The Matheson Team – RE/MAX Fine Properties
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