We’re going to tell you about 4 beautiful flower species that can survive and thrive through the mild Arizona winters.  While these flowers are typically considered summer flowers in other parts of the country, here in Scottsdale where our winters are mild and sunshine is abundant, these colorful flowers prefer autumn and winter settings.  

Preparation of soil and nurturing in the early stages of planting are very important to successful winter blooming.  Keep reading to find out the optimal months to plant these flowers.

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1. Pansies are hardy annuals that come in 7 varieties of color including blue, purple, orange, yellow, white, red, and pink. Pansies like sun and cooler temperatures and grow 6″ to 12″ tall. They have average water needs but are very easy to grow and are edible!

Pansies can be planted October through February in the Arizona low desert and will bloom through April or May depending on weather.  Plant seeds in late winter for early spring and summer flowering, or plant seeds in the summer for winter flowering.



2. Traditional Geraniums thrive in warm weather and hold up well in dry conditions, but still require frequent watering for best blooming. They offer colorful foliage with varieties that come in red, purple, pink, orange, yellow, or white.

Geraniums can grow 12-18″ tall. They can be planted in the Arizona low desert from September through April and will bloom into June.


Geraniums in Scottsdale
Geraniums in Scottsdale


3. Snapdragons are taller, stalky flowers that come in purple, red, pink, yellow, and white. They are very low maintenance flowers and do not require deadheading, but periodic cutbacks extend their already long bloom periods. 

For the optimal blooming period, they can be planted October through February and will bloom from November into May.


Yellow Snapdragons in Scottsdale
Yellow Snapdragons in Scottsdale


4. Any genus of Petunia will do well in the Arizona winter, but may die off in December and January due to the occasional overnight frost we experience.  They are great flowers to transplant directly into the garden, larger pots or hanging stations, but also can be grown from seeds (it is recommended to begin indoors when planting seeds).

They require constant watering but will bloom for about five months and have a beautiful fragrant smell. Petunias come in almost every color of the rainbow, varying from deep violet to yellow.


Yellow and White Petunias in Scottsdale
Yellow and White Petunias in Scottsdale


Planting flowers is a simple and effective way to add charm and beauty to the outside of any Scottsdale home. If you are interested in more ideas for enhancing and improving your Scottsdale home, take a look at our Blog.  You can also subscribe to our blog posts on the home page of this site.  

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