Spring in Scottsdale really kicks off home-buying season.
Are you ready?
Check out these 10 spring staging secrets from the pros that can help you sell your home in Scottsdale quickly – and at the best possible price.

10 Spring Staging Secrets to Help You Sell Your Home in Scottsdale

If you’ve already talked to a Realtor® about selling your home in Scottsdale, he or she has probably already covered how important staging is – but it’s especially important in spring, when hundreds of people will potentially see your home online and make the decision to come see it in person.
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Here are 10 staging secrets you can put to work for you this spring:

  1. Add springtime accents.
  2. Pick the right plants.
  3. Update your paint colors.
  4. Add spring-scented candles – but don’t light them.
  5. Put a beautiful wreath on your front door.
  6. Make sure your yard is perfect.
  7. Box up and put away winter clothes.
  8. Buff the floors.
  9. Let there be light!
  10. Get a bright, cheerful welcome mat.

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#1. Add springtime accents.

Put a splash of springtime color in your décor. Choose lively patterns, quirky add-ons and fresh-cut flowers to make a great first impression on your buyers.

Spring Staging Secrets - Sell Your Home in Scottsdale#2. Pick the right plants.

Spring flowers are great additions when you’re staging. Think about violets, peace lilies and flowering maple, which can all thrive indoors.
Make sure you water your plants regularly, and get them plenty of sun exposure.
If they start to wilt, you’ll have to replace them or get rid of them altogether.

#3. Update your paint colors.

Bright and cheerful are the two things you need to capture for springtime home-selling. If your home doesn’t already feature those colors, now might be the time to add them (but talk to your Realtor first to make sure).

#4. Add spring-scented candles – but don’t light them.

Putting scented decorative accents in key places, like the bathroom and the master bedroom, is a great touch – but don’t light them. If you have prospective buyers with sensitivities or asthma, you’ll send them running.
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#5. Put a beautiful wreath on your front door.

Welcome your guests with a springtime floral wreath that adds plenty of curb appeal.

#6. Make sure your yard is perfect.

Pick up all the yard debris you have, and if you have grass, make sure it’s watered and neatly trimmed. Get the edges, too! Make sure rocks are swept from the sidewalk and in the yard where they belong, and ensure you’ve swept away leftover leaves, as well.

Staging Tricks for Spring - Sell Your Home in Scottsdale#7. Box up and put away winter clothes.

Clear out your closet and put away all your winter clothes. This does two things: One, it makes more room and enlarges the amount of space prospective buyers see in the closet, and two, it keeps buyers in a springtime mindset.
Besides, it gives you a head start on packing to move to your new home.
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#8. Buff the floors.

Make sure your tile is polished and bright. If you have hardwoods, you may want to have them refinished before potential buyers start coming through. Carpets need to be cleaned and freshened, too.

#9. Let there be light!

Pull back the drapes and open the blinds completely. The more natural light you can let into your home, the better!

#10. Get a bright, cheerful welcome mat.

Spring for a bright, cheerful welcome mat that lets buyers know they should come in to see more (and wipe their feet for those freshly-buffed floors, too).

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