7 Simple Tips to Make Moving Easier

7 Simple Tips to Make Moving Easier

  • 04/10/22
Whether you’re relocating across town or across the country, check out these seven simple tips to make moving easier.

7 Simple Tips to Make Moving Easier

There’s no way around it – moving is tough. But if you follow these seven tips, your move can be smoother than any other you’ve done before:
  1. Pack early (and pack often)
  2. Keep your drawers full
  3. Put your linens and towels to use
  4. Pack suitcases
  5. Color-code your boxes
  6. Write contents on every box
  7. Take pictures of electronics
Here’s a closer look at each.

Move-Simplifying Tip #1: Pack Early (and Pack Often)

Start packing up your belongings as soon as you figure out that you’re moving – there’s no need to wait. You can start with items you don’t use much if you’re not comfortable living out of boxes for a while! You should pack often, too; try to get at least a little bit done each day between now and the big day.
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Move-Simplifying Tip #2: Keep Your Drawers Full

When you’re moving a dresser, you don’t need to empty your drawers. In fact, it may be smarter to take the drawers out of the dresser and cover them in packing wrap; that way, you can simply unwrap them and put them back in place in your new home. (You’ll most likely want to remove them, though – a full dresser is heavy!)

Move-Simplifying Tip #3: Put Your Linens and Towels to Use

Use linens and towels to pad glassware and other items you want to protect. That way, you’ll save on boxes and packing materials – and your fragile items will get the protection they need to make it to your new home safely.

Move-Simplifying Tip #4: Pack Suitcases

Don’t move empty suitcases! Fill them with items that you intend to pack. The best part? Suitcases are often a lot easier to move than standard boxes are, so you can simply roll them out to the moving truck (or have kids tackle the task) and go from there.
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Move-Simplifying Tip #5: Color-Code Your Boxes

Put a color code or label on each of your boxes that denotes what room they belong in. That way, you’ll save yourself and your movers time – and you can get everything in order before you start removing packing tape.
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Move-Simplifying Tip #6: Write Contents on Every Box

The simplest way to find your items after you move is to label every box with its contents. You don’t have to use a lot of detail – sometimes it’s fine to simply scrawl “towels and washcloths” or “blender, silverware and placemats” on a box.

Move-Simplifying Tip #7: Take Pictures of Electronics

Before you start unplugging your electronics for the move, pull them out and take quick photos of how the cords are attached. That way, you’ll save time on trial-and-error when you’re setting up your entertainment area in your new home.

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