5 Simple Repairs to Make Before You List Your Home for Sale

5 Simple Repairs to Make Before You List Your Home for Sale

  • 04/3/22
When you’re selling a home in Scottsdale, your real estate agent will most likely advise you to make minor repairs as soon as possible. Here’s what you need to know.

5 Simple Repairs to Make Before You List Your Home for Sale

when prospective buyers come to see your home, they’re not only looking at its structure; they’re also looking at how well it appears you’ve maintained the property. To show them that you care for your home and that it’s in great shape, check out these five simple repairs you should make before you list your home for sale:
  1. Nicks, scratches and scuffs in the walls
  2. Flickering or burned-out lights
  3. Dripping faucets
  4. Scuffs on floors
  5. Damaged window screens
Here’s a closer look at each.

Pre-Sale Repair #1: Nicks, Scratches and Scuffs in the Walls

You may need to do a few touch-ups on your interior paint. And if you have dents or dings in the walls, you may need to fill them with spackle. Your paint doesn’t have to be completely perfect, but you do need to show prospective buyers that you care for your home by keeping it nice.
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Pre-Sale Repair #2: Flickering or Burned-Out Lights

Run through your home and look for burned-out light bulbs. Replace them with eco-friendly LEDs so you don’t have to worry about them again between now and the time you sell your home.

Pre-Sale Repair #3: Dripping Faucets

Tighten up any dripping faucets, and if there are calcium deposits from regular drips, scrub them away. Additionally, if you have any leaks in the pipes beneath your sinks, address them immediately. The last thing you want prospective buyers to encounter is a potential plumbing problem.
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Pre-Sale Repair #4: Scuffs on Floors

If your floors are scuffed, now is the time to improve their appearance. Whether you need to have hardwoods refinished, tiles replaced, or something else, it’s important that your floors are in their best possible shape before prospective buyers begin touring your home.

Pre-Sale Repair #5: Damaged Window Screens

If any of your window screens are damaged, replace them immediately. Although buyers are unlikely to notice that you put in new screens, they will almost certainly notice damaged screens.
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Why is it So Important to Make Minor Repairs?

Making minor repairs isn’t just about making your house look better, though that’s reason enough. It’s also about showing prospective buyers that you’ve cared for your home and that it’s in great shape.
If prospective buyers discover minor issues, they may wonder what bigger issues are hiding behind the scenes. Additionally, the vast majority of buyers hire a home inspector; anything the home inspector discovers will end up on an inspection report, which buyers often use to negotiate with sellers. By addressing issues now, you can save yourself a little bit of a headache later.

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