The 10 Best Moving Apps for 2022

The 10 Best Moving Apps for 2022

  • 09/6/21
If you’re moving to Scottsdale – or if you’re moving within Scottsdale – check out this list of the ten best moving apps for 2022. Each is designed to make your life easier and streamline the moving process.

The 10 Best Moving Apps for 2022

You’ve heard it before: “There’s an app for that!” It turns out that it’s true for moving, too. These are the top ten moving apps you can download to smooth out your transition:
  1. MyMove
  2. Moved
  3. MoveAdvisor
  4. Dolly
  5. Google Keep
  6. Unpakt
  7. Sortly
  8. OfferUp
  9. Handy
  10. TaskRabbit
Here’s a closer look at each.

Moving App #1: MyMove

The MyMove app gets you instant access to deals from movers and on packing supplies, and it gives you lists of home services you may need in your old and new areas. You can even use it to compare cable television and internet prices, plus organize a moving checklist.
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Moving App #2: Moved

Billed as “your free moving concierge,” the Moved app lets you get multiple quotes from movers, coordinate all the logistics, and even find the best prices on packing materials. They even help you find storage units that fit all your stuff, help you update your address and show you where to donate items you don’t want to bring to your new home.

Moving App #3: MoveAdvisor

Complete an entire home inventory in minutes, find movers and keep track of your task list with a moving timeline by using MoveAdvisor. The app, which was featured in Forbes and touted by the National Association of REALTORS®, is well-organized and helps keep you on course for a smooth move.

Moving App #4: Dolly

Dolly is a same-day delivery app that works with big-box retailers, small businesses and individuals. Here’s how it works: You order a large or bulky item (like a new sofa), someone from Dolly picks it up and delivers it to your front door on the same day.

Moving App #5: Google Keep

The Google Keep app lets you jot down lists, make lists about lists, and make lists about lists you intend to make. You can create checklists for just about anything – and even better, you can set deadlines for your lists, schedule reminders to go off at certain times (or when you enter a certain location) and check things off as you accomplish your tasks. For example, you can set Keep to buzz your phone when you’re near your favorite home improvement store and remind you that you need more moving boxes and supplies.
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Moving App #6: Unpakt

Unpakt lets you book an entire move online in just minutes. It can also help you find storage services, warehouses and insurance companies that can help you with the process.

Moving App #7: Sortly

Though Sortly is designed for business owners to keep track of inventory, more people are using it to track their moves. Featuring simple ways to create inventory lists and check things off when they’re accounted for, this app can also help you list the values of all your items – which can, in turn, help you if you need to make an insurance claim.

Moving App #8: OfferUp

The OfferUp app is a simple way to get rid of things you don’t want to take when you move. You simply list what you want to sell, whether it’s a piece of clothing or a vehicle (or anything in between), and wait for local people to offer to buy it from you.

Moving App #9: Handy

Book house-cleaning, furniture assembly, and other handy-person services with the Handy app. This app is similar to TaskRabbit (more on that next), but it also allows you to shop for furniture and home items.

Moving App #10: TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is the same-day delivery and handy-person service that took the U.S. by storm a few years ago, and it’s grown to epic proportions since partnering with IKEA. There are people to help you out with random (and not-so-random) tasks just a few taps away.

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