5 Things to Know Before You Buy a Winter Home in Scottsdale

5 Things to Know Before You Buy a Winter Home in Scottsdale

  • 06/19/23

If you're thinking about buying a winter home in Scottsdale, you're not alone. Plenty of people want to live in this beautiful community, nestled in the heart of Arizona, because it's an excellent place to spend time away from harsh winters.

5 Things to Know Before You Buy a Winter Home in Scottsdale

There are five things you should know a little bit about before you buy a winter home in Scottsdale:

  • Scottsdale’s winter climate
  • The state of the real estate market
  • Local amenities for winter enjoyment
  • The importance of hiring a local real estate agent
  • Maintenance considerations for a winter home

Here's a closer look at each.

Scottsdale’s Winter Climate

We're not going to sugarcoat it: Scottsdale's winter climate is fabulous. (We don’t need to sugarcoat it!) The winters here are mild, with the average high temperatures hovering in the 70s. We have an ideal climate for outdoor activities, like golfing and hiking. In fact, most people love spending the winters here because they can escape from the freezing temperatures elsewhere. Things start to heat up in the spring, just as northern climates are starting to thaw out.

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The State of Scottsdale’s Real Estate Market

Scottsdale's real estate market is a bit competitive. It's also dynamic and diverse, offering options ranging from extremely comfortable downtown condos to luxury estates in exclusive areas. As in many other areas of the country, homes in Scottsdale tend to hold their value well and typically serve as good investments. However, there's never any guarantee on whether a real estate property will appreciate or depreciate in value.

Local Amenities for Winter Enjoyment

There are plenty of local amenities you can enjoy during winter in Scottsdale. In fact, this city is known for its world class golf courses, lavish spas, high end shopping and dining, and so much more. We can guarantee you one thing: You'll never be bored in Scottsdale unless you want to be. There are plenty of opportunities for you to relax And enjoy yourself all winter long.

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The Importance of Hiring a Local Real Estate Agent

hiring a local real estate agent is crucial if you're trying to purchase a winter home in Scottsdale. That's because local agents know the areas, understand the neighborhoods, and have deep knowledge of the local market, which can really come in handy when you're trying to make a purchase. Your agent can help you find a home that fits your preferences, negotiate a good deal and navigate the entire process smoothly.

Maintenance Considerations for a Winter Home

When you have a winter home, you'll need to take into account the necessity of maintenance when you're back in your hometown. You may want to consider hiring a landscaping and full maintenance service, or even a property management company. You may also want to consider renting your winter home out during the summer months. However, you do need to bear in mind that some homeowners associations restrict or prohibit rentals in their communities. If that's an avenue you're exploring, you should talk to your real estate agent before you make a purchase.

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FAQ on Buying a Winter Home in Scottsdale

Check out these frequently asked questions on buying a winter home in Scottsdale. If you don't see the answers you're looking for here, please feel free to call our office or contact us online. We'll get you the answers you need.

What’s the Average Price of a Winter or Vacation Home in Scottsdale?

Home prices in Scottsdale are all over the place, so the best way to figure out how much your dream winter vacation home will cost in this city is to get in touch with the local real estate agent. You can also browse listings right here on our website to get an idea of how much the homes you're interested in may cost. Keep in mind, though, that the market fluctuates throughout the year. Sometimes prices vary widely at different times of year, so that may affect how much you spend.

Can I Rent Out My Winter Home in Scottsdale?

It's possible to rent out your winter home in Scottsdale. However, some communities have restrictions and limitations on renting out properties that owners don't live in full time period you'll need to check with your community or homeowners association to determine whether you can rent out your property when you're not in residence.

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What Are the Best Neighborhoods in Scottsdale for Winter Homes?

There are several fabulous communities within the city of Scottsdale. The one that's best for you depends on your preferences while you're in town. For example, if you are an avid golfer, you may prefer a neighborhood full of single family estates located on a golf course. If you like to spend your weekend evenings clubbing, something in the downtown area may be a better fit for you. The best way to find out which neighborhood is right for your winter home is to talk to a real estate agent who understands the area and let them know how you like to spend your time while you're in Scottsdale.

Are You Buying or Selling a Home in Scottsdale?

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