When Should You Start Packing to Move? (And 4 Other Important Moving Questions)

When Should You Start Packing to Move? (And 4 Other Important Moving Questions)

  • 03/6/22
If you’re like many people relocating to Scottsdale, you have a lot of questions about the process. This guide answers five of the biggest moving questions you may have before your big move. If you don’t see the answer to your question here, please feel free to call our office right away; our agents are here to help you find your next home and get you through the entire relocation process. We even have relocation experts on our team, so whether you’re coming from 10 miles away or 2,500, we have you covered.

5 Important Moving Questions to Answer When You’re Relocating to Scottsdale

Check out these five common questions about moving to Scottsdale.

#1. When Should You Start Packing to Move?

Ideally, you’ll be able to start packing as soon as you know you’re moving. The sooner you begin, the more organized and smooth your process will be. If you’re hiring a moving company, you should consult with them about whether you’re packing your own belongings or not; many moving companies do all the packing for you.
Pro Tip: You may want to download some of the best moving apps to help you through the process.

#2. Should I Hire a Pet Shipper?

Moving with pets can be tough, and you may choose to hire a pet shipper. A pet shipper can drive or fly your pet across the country for you, but it’s not the right choice for everyone. You may also want to hire what’s known as a flight nanny for your pet; this is someone who travels with your pet (by air or land) while providing the same level of care you would provide. You may also find these articles helpful:

#3. How Can I Make Relocating to Scottsdale Easier?

Relocating is a huge deal, but you can make it easier on yourself by:
  • Hiring a mover
  • Booking flight tickets well in advance of your trip
  • Renting a vehicle to drive to Scottsdale
  • Finding the right real estate agent

#4. How Do I Find the Right Real Estate Agent?

Finding the right real estate agent to help you with your relocation to Scottsdale can be difficult, but it’s definitely possible. You should call around and ask several questions before you make a commitment. Don’t be afraid to ask an agent how long they’ve been in business, what their credentials are, what types of advanced certifications and training they have, and how many homes they’ve sold recently. Then, you should ask how they’ll communicate with you throughout the process of finding and buying your next home in Scottsdale. You want an agent who can be responsive to your needs in ways that you’re comfortable with, whether you prefer to email, text or talk on the phone.

#5. How Do I Register Kids for School in Scottsdale?

If you have children, one of your priorities is most likely registering them for school in Scottsdale. Though private schools have their own requirements, children who will attend schools within the Scottsdale Unified School District need a packet of information that includes:
  1. A certified copy of their birth certificate
  2. Current immunization records
  3. Proof of residency
  4. A parent’s state-issued ID
  5. A withdrawal form if they were previously enrolled in another school any Arizona
  6. Guardianship or custody documentation, if applicable

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