3 Creative Ways to Use Plants to Help Sell Your Home

3 Creative Ways to Use Plants to Help Sell Your Home

  • 03/20/22
When you’re selling your home in Scottsdale, your real estate agent will talk to you about home staging. Staging is incredibly important, because it allows prospective buyers to use their imaginations and envision themselves living in your space; it’s the art of making your home appealing to the widest possible range of people.
One of the most essential components of home staging is the use of plants. Plants make a space feel more like home – and you can give buyers an amazing (and unforgettable) first impression when you use them properly. But where do you even start?
This guide explains five ways to use plants to help you sell your home in Scottsdale.

3 Creative Ways to Use Plants to Help Sell Your Home

Check out these three ways you can use plants to help sell your home in Scottsdale:
  1. Choose the right greenery
  2. Pick pots that complement your space
  3. Be strategic in plant placement
Here’s a closer look at each.

Tip #1 for Using Plants in Home Staging: Choose the Right Greenery

The plants you choose have a big impact on the impression you create. First, and possibly most importantly, choose plants that don’t produce allergens. The last thing you want to do is send a buyer into a fit of sneezes; even if that buyer loves your home, they’ll walk away with an unfavorable impression.
From there, choose plans that suit your space. You don’t want exceptionally large plants crammed into small spaces (or vice-versa), or plants that sharply contrast with the colors of the decor in any particular room.
Some of the best plants for home staging include peace liliesmother-in-law’s tongue and dracaena, which each have air purifying qualities and create stunning visuals that buyers can enjoy.
One last word of advice on choosing the right plants: Don’t pick any show-stoppers. You want your plants to serve as accents, not focal points that draw buyers’ attention away from the spaces you want them to see. They’re not there to shop for plants; they’re there to fall in love with your home.
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Tip #2 for Using Plants in Home Staging: Pick Pots That Complement Your Space

Not just any pots will do when you’re using plants in home staging. You want to choose pots that complement your existing decor but don’t detract from what buyers are really there to see. You can use your plants and pots as a means to draw attention to your home’s best features, provided that the pots you choose are neutral colored and well-coordinated with each room they’re in.
Try to avoid plastic pots and choose ceramic instead. Additionally, plain Terra cotta works well outdoors, but it’s not as attractive indoors.
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Tip #3 for Using Plants in Home Staging: Be Strategic in Plant Placement

Plants are a great way to draw prospective buyers’ attention to all the right places. If you have a beautiful fireplace mantel, for example placing a great plant on it can help buyers notice it. Likewise, if you have exceptionally tall ceilings, a tall bamboo or fern can help bring buyers’ eyes upward.
The key is to use plants that caused buyers to notice your home’s best features. You might consider adding large potted plants on your outdoor patio, a small, flowering plant on the windowsill of a window with a great view, or a beautiful succulent on the edge of a garden tub.

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