Should You Upgrade Your Home Before You Sell?

Should You Upgrade Your Home Before You Sell?

  • 08/30/21
If you’re thinking about selling your home in Scottsdale, it may be a good idea to make a few upgrades – but which investments will actually pay off at the closing table? You should talk to your Scottsdale REALTOR® before you make any big decisions, but this guide will get you started on the right track.

Should You Upgrade Your Home Before You Sell?

First things first: Several factors affect how much of a return on investment you’ll get when you make home upgrades just to sell your home. Some of those factors include the quality of the finishes you choose, comparable homes in your neighborhood, and the types of materials used in your project. With that said, these are some upgrades that may help you sell your home faster (and for more money):
  • Kitchen updates
  • Bathroom upgrades
  • Making space more useful
Here’s a closer look at each.

Kitchen Updates

If your kitchen looks tired – or if any of your fixtures, cabinets or countertops are older than the average high-school senior – it may be time to make updates. You most likely don’t need to remodel the entire kitchen (although you should talk to your real estate agent about your options if you want to maximize your profit on selling your home). You may just need to make a few upgrades, such as:
  • Refinishing or replacing cabinets
  • Investing in new appliances
  • Updating or upgrading your fixtures, such as the light fixture and faucets
  • Redoing your floors
As with any big investment that people consider when selling a home, it’s best to talk to your real estate agent about your options. The last thing you want to do is pour a lot of your hard-earned money into a kitchen remodeling project only to find out that you could’ve sold your home at a great price without updating the space. Your real estate agent will know what’s selling in the area (and what’s not), and they’ll be able to give you the guidance you need.

Bathroom Upgrades

Often, the floors, walls, bathtub, and shower are the first to age a bathroom – and if that’s the case in your home, it may be time to think about making a few upgrades. If any of those components are dating your house and making it appear old or out of style, talk to your real estate agent about what changes would benefit you most at the closing table.
Again, like the kitchen, you most likely don’t have to remodel the entire space. You may benefit from:
  • New light fixtures
  • A new countertop or a vanity with more storage space
  • New floors
  • Regrouting the tub or shower
  • New faucets

Making Space More Useful

One of the most important items on buyers’ “must-have” lists, when they’re looking for a home for sale in Scottsdale, is plenty of usable space. If you have underutilized space in your home – say, a space under the stairs that don’t make sense or an attic space that’s partially finished – make the most of it so buyers can see it as a regular part of the living space. Talk to your real estate agent about what you can do to make these oddly placed or strangely shaped spaces more useful to help sell your home.

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