7 Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods in Scottsdale

7 Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods in Scottsdale

  • 10/28/19
If you’re a pet parent looking for a home for sale in Scottsdale, you probably already know that this city is one of the pet-friendliest in the country – but what neighborhoods are best for your four-legged family members? Check out this list that includes some of the most pet-friendly neighborhoods in town.

7 Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods in Scottsdale

First things first: Most neighborhoods in Scottsdale are extremely pet-friendly. In fact, it’s much more rare to find a community that’s not warm and welcoming to pets. However, based on our experience in the area, these are some of the best places to live with pets in Scottsdale:
  • DC Ranch
  • Cactus Corridor
  • The Boulders
  • McCormick Ranch
  • Old Town Scottsdale
  • Stonegate
  • Bellasera
Here’s a closer look at each of these communities – and what you can expect when you move to one with a pet.
7 Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods in Scottsdale - DC Ranch

#1. DC Ranch

DC Ranch is an incredibly walkable community, and most of the homes here have spacious yards that are perfect for pets. It’s also close to Horizon Dog Park, which is a great place for dogs to romp and play.
7 Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods in Scottsdale - Cactus Corridor

#2. Cactus Corridor

Cactus Corridor, which is located in Central Scottsdale, is right between the Horizon Dog Park and Chaparral Dog Park. It’s also a well-established community that’s still growing – and many of the homes have spacious yards, too. There are several multi-use trails in the community perfect for early-morning or evening strolls with four-legged family members, as well. In fact, horses often use the trails.
7 Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods in Scottsdale - The Boulders

#3. The Boulders

Located in North Scottsdale, The Boulders backs up to Carefree. As a gated community with plenty of walkways and paths, it’s a great place for pets because there’s plenty of natural open space here, as well.
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7 Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods in Scottsdale - McCormick Ranch

#4. McCormick Ranch

With more than 25 miles of bike paths and plenty of walking space, McCormick Ranch is a spectacular place to live with pets. The community itself is also close to Chaparral Dog Park, as well as several local amenities and walking paths outside the neighborhood.
7 Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods in Scottsdale - Old Town Scottsdale

#5. Old Town Scottsdale

Old Town Scottsdale isn’t necessarily a place where you’re going to find homes with backyards, but you are going to find all the pet-friendly amenities you and your pooch will love. There are plenty of sidewalks leading to some of the state’s most pet-welcoming businesses, and there are several new developments in the area with walking paths and trails as well.
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7 Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods in Scottsdale - Stonegate

#6. Stonegate

Stonegate has gorgeous, palm tree-lined streets, a centrally located community center and lots of sidewalks. The homes here range between cozy patio homes to expansive custom homes, and many of them have fabulous, grassy backyards where pets can play and lounge.
7 Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods in Scottsdale - Bellasera

#7. Bellasera

Bellasera definitely makes the list as one of Scottsdale’s most pet-friendly neighborhoods. With extensive sidewalks and homes with exceptional backyards, it’s the perfect place for people with pets.
Of course, you don’t have to have a pet to live in any of these communities – many people don’t. However, if you do have a four-legged family member, each of these pet-friendly neighborhoods in Scottsdale gives you plenty of opportunities to spend quality time together.

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