5 Bathroom Design Hacks to Spice Up Your Space

5 Bathroom Design Hacks to Spice Up Your Space

  • 12/20/21
Sometimes bathrooms are well, boring. And a boring bathroom doesn’t excite prospective buyers very much. But what can you do?
Check out these five bathroom hacks to make your space more interesting, whether it’s a guest bath or part of your primary bedroom suite.

5 Bathroom Design Hacks to Spice Up Your Space

You don’t want your bathroom to be loud and obnoxious, but you don’t want it to be plain vanilla, either – and that means you may need to take action and make your bathroom more interesting to prospective buyers. Check out these five bathroom hacks to spice up your space:
  1. Choose a striking paint color.
  2. Add splashes of gold or silver.
  3. Invest in a luxurious tub tray.
  4. Play with texture to break up the color.
  5. Put in luxury touches.
Here’s a closer look at each.

Bathroom Hack #1: Choose a Striking Paint Color

Though you shouldn’t paint your bathroom all black (or all white, for that matter), you can experiment with stunning colors. Try a charcoal accent wall, a deep-sea green above the wainscoting, or bright tiles on the bottom half of your walls. Try to choose a popular color (you can talk to your real estate agent about what’s selling right now) and add some depth to your bathroom by putting in some color.
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Bathroom Hack #2: Add Splashes of Gold or Silver

Gold and silver decorative items – not faucets and fixtures – can make your bathroom look more luxurious. Consider hanging metallic framed art, sculptures, or even vases in your bathroom, which add elegance and style.

Bathroom Hack #3: Invest in a Luxurious Tub Tray

A tub tray helps sell a lifestyle, which is what buyers are often really after in a home. You can show your prospective buyers that they’ll be able to relax and unwind in your home – should they decide to buy it – and that they’ll be able to enjoy all of the amenities it offers. Choose a bamboo or metal tub tray; you want something on-trend but timeless so that you can enjoy it yourself in your new home.
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Bathroom Hack #4: Play With Texture to Break Up Color

If your bathroom is all the same color, think about changing the texture. Mixing tile with wallpaper or paint is a great way to go – or even adding trim or crown molding in white or another shade – and it can help break things up and prevent your bathroom from being overwhelming.

Bathroom Hack #5: Put in Luxury Touches

Luxury touches like a towel heater, a basket of rolled towels, or some seating (if there’s enough space) can make prospective buyers see your bathroom as more of a spa – and that’s what helps sell a luxury lifestyle. Buyers want to see that they’ll be able to feel pampered in the bathroom, and you can give them design ideas that they can use after they buy. When buyers leave with their eyes opened to all the possibilities your home has to offer, they’re more likely to want to buy it.

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