Liven Up Your Loo With These 3 Spa-Inspired Design Tips

Liven Up Your Loo With These 3 Spa-Inspired Design Tips

  • 01/23/22
When you’re selling a home in Scottsdale, your real estate agent will conduct a walk-through and let you know what needs some work before prospective buyers start coming through for showings – and your bathrooms are in the proverbial hot seat. Your agent will most likely have some ideas for improvements you can make so that your bathrooms (and by extension, the rest of your home) are more attractive to prospective buyers. Here’s what you need to know.

Liven Up Your Loo With These 3 Spa-Inspired Design Tips

When buyers are going to tour your home, it’s absolutely essential that every room is spotlessly clean. That may mean hiring a professional cleaning service to perform a deep-clean all over the house; then, you only have to maintain what the experts have done. From there, you may want to consider these three tips to make the space more attractive to prospective buyers:
  1. Choose simple, elegant and minimal decor
  2. Add plants where appropriate
  3. Invest in fluffy, new towels
Here’s a closer look at each.

Spa-Inspired Bathroom Design Tip #1: Choose Simple, Elegant and Minimal Decor

Bathrooms are typically small spaces, so don’t go overboard on the decor. Your countertops should be clear (though there are exceptions for luxury accents, such as decorative soaps, plants and elegant storage containers).
It’s okay – and even a good idea – to add wall art if you have the space for it. However, you should place a premium on your mirror and other design accents if there’s limited space. If you choose to add wall art, pick pieces that appeal to a wide audience. Don’t pick anything racy or controversial, or too bold for the space. Think of your favorite spa and the types of decorations you see there; you may want to pick art that features soothing colors, like blues and greens, or earthy tones. A good rule of thumb: Generic is the way to go.
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Spa-Inspired Bathroom Design Tip #2: Add Plants Where Appropriate

Add a splash of life to your bathrooms by putting in plants. Some of the best plants for bathrooms include snake plant, English ivy (though it can grow out of control and look sloppy if you’re not careful) and African violet. Choose plants that thrive with little or no direct sunlight, and that do well in damp, humid environments. Bromeliads are also a popular bathroom choice, though you may need to move them periodically so they can soak up some extra (indirect) sunlight.

Spa-Inspired Bathroom Design Tip #3: Invest in Fluffy, New Towels

Spas are known for relaxation and luxury, and that’s what you want to convey with your bathroom space. Even if you rarely spend time relaxing in your bathroom, it’s the idea you’re selling – and that means fluffy, brand-new towels are a staple. Choose a luxuriously soft set of towels to put on display when buyers are coming to tour your home. Then, put them away as soon as the showing is over. Don’t let anyone use them, either – save them for when you move into your new home.
You can display your fluffy towels by hanging them on the rack or by rolling them up and putting them in a wire basket to the side of your tub. That’s a great display idea, particularly if you have a large tub that’s outfitted with a wooden or metal tub tray.
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