Everyone in Scottsdale is Talking About These Luxury Real Estate Features

Everyone in Scottsdale is Talking About These Luxury Real Estate Features

  • 08/10/19
Scottsdale’s luxury homes are among the most spectacular in the nation – and that’s because they’re packed with the features buyers really want.

Taking your Scottsdale Home to Luxurious New Heights

Through extensive research, including our own market knowledge of Scottsdale’s luxury real estate market, we’ve zeroed in on what makes the area’s most sought-after homes so desirable. Today’s buyers really want:
  • Smart home technology
  • Gourmet kitchens
  • Well-designed outdoor living spaces
  • Entertainment and media rooms
  • Home gyms
  • Luxury swimming pools
Here’s what you need to know about each.

Smart Home Technology

A connected smart home makes life easier – so it’s no wonder tech tops buyers’ lists of must-haves. Homes with linking interfaces that allow owners to control security, temperature and appliances are increasingly popular among buyers, and the more complete the system, the better.

Gourmet Kitchens

A gourmet kitchen, defined as a space featuring high-performance appliances, easy-to-clean surfaces and storage for specialty item (and also called a chef’s kitchen) is a key component in a modern luxury home. Even buyers who aren’t avid cooks appreciate features like double ovens, spacious food prep zones and efficient task lighting that illuminates cooking surfaces.
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Well-Designed Outdoor Living Spaces

An outdoor living space is an extension of a home, and buyers love to see useful spaces outside. You don’t have to have an outdoor kitchen – though it’s a big bonus – but you do need to have an entertainment space that doubles as a great place to unwind and relax. Some of the most popular amenities in outdoor living spaces include:
  • Outdoor TVs
  • Fire pits and fireplaces
  • Comfortable seating with great views
  • Water features, such as bubbling fountains
  • Gardens, pathways and xeriscaping
  • Dining space
  • Great lighting schemes

Entertainment and Media Rooms

Prospective buyers are all about getting the most from a new home, and dedicated entertainment and media rooms help them do just that. You can use an entertainment room for a wide range of purposes, like billiards and table games, while a media room is typically dedicated to TV and movies (and features a fabulous sound system, great lighting and comfortable seating). Homes that are short on room for both can combine the two, creating a spectacular go-to space.

Home Gyms

People are more pressed for time than ever – and that means cutting back on things that we all really want to do but that don’t fit into our busy schedules.
Enter the home gym.
Outfitted like the space you’d use at your local gym, a home gym adds time and convenience that buyers love. While you won’t leave your equipment behind when you sell the home (unless you choose to start fresh in your new home), it’s the setup that matters – and that includes:
  • The right flooring system, like rubber, foam or vinyl
  • Good lighting and ample natural light
  • Plenty of mirrors
  • Cable hook-ups and wall mounts for TVs
  • A good sound system
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Luxury Swimming Pools

Buyers don’t necessarily want Olympic-sized pools in the backyard, but they do want quality and great design. Some of the most popular luxury swimming pools have unique features, like a central fire pit with seating, waterfalls or a natural look and feel. Rectangular pools will always be popular, but custom designs are definitely sought-after, as are infinity pools and – perhaps more than anything else – salt water.
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