Camelback Mountain: a Popular Hike for Scottsdale Residents and Visitors

Camelback Mountain: a Popular Hike for Scottsdale Residents and Visitors

  • 03/20/15

What is the Hype of Camelback Mountain?

Camelback Mountain is just begging to be climbed in this exquisite weather here in the Valley of the Sun.
This is a great summit climb that offers a solid workout. The highest point of "Camelback", as she is so endearingly referred to, is at 2,704 feet above sea level and a hiker will gain approximately 1,200 feet in elevation on the climb up.
Camelback Mountain is an Arizona landmark with the preservation of the summit spearheaded by Barry Goldwater and finalized in 1968 in a land exchange ceremony attended by President Lyndon Johnson and Secretary of the Interior, Stewart Udall. If you are newbie or visitor to the state of Arizona, you should climb her just so you can say you have.

Tips and Trails: Your Guide to Camelback Mountain

There are two trails for climbing: Echo Canyon trailhead is located on the west side of the mountain off of McDonald Drive and the Cholla trailhead is on the east side off of Invergordon Road. If you aren’t at the peak of fitness, you’ll want to choose Cholla and be ready to turn back if it gets too rocky or steep. A serious hiker will want to experience both trails since they are completely different. The one commonality of both is the summit views of the Valley and boy are they stunning.
Give yourself plenty of time to conquer this sleeping giant because it can take anywhere from one hour to three hours for completion, depending on your level of fitness. Getting down can be just as rough as going up, so wear hiking boots or shoes with serious traction.
Aversion to heights? This may not be the hike for you.

Safety First: Hiking Essentials for Camelback Mountain

Before embarking on your hiking adventure, it's crucial to equip yourself with the right essentials to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey. From sturdy hiking boots that provide ample ankle support to a reliable map or GPS device, these tools can make a significant difference on the trail. Don't forget to pack sufficient water, sunscreen, and a first-aid kit to stay hydrated, protected from the sun's rays, and prepared for any unexpected situations.

Nearby Activities for the Less Adventurous

Not feeling up to a hike? You can still enjoy the incredible majesty of this gem of a mountain from the patios off of El Chorro Lodge, Marriott’s Camelback Inn, Omni Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Montelucia and other surrounding locations while sipping a discreet libation with friends.
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