8 Best Places to Shop in Scottsdale

8 Best Places to Shop in Scottsdale

  • 09/19/23

As you embark on your shopping adventure in Scottsdale, you will find a plethora of options catering to various tastes and budgets. Start your journey at Scottsdale Fashion Square, the premier destination for luxury shopping in the Southwest. Here, you can find everything from high-end designers to exclusive boutiques. The mall’s modern architecture, interspersed with works from local artists, creates a harmonious blend of culture and commerce.

Next, pay a visit to Kierland Commons and Scottsdale Quarter, two upscale outdoor shopping centers located across the street from one another. With a mixture of national retailers and unique boutiques, these twin retail destinations offer something for everyone. The beautifully landscaped outdoor spaces, fountains, and an array of dining options create a pleasant, pedestrian-friendly environment.

For a more artsy and bohemian shopping experience, the Fifth Avenue Shops offer a variety of boutiques, galleries, and shops offering local crafts. The area is also home to the famous "Bob Parks Horse Fountain," a true Scottsdale landmark.

Old Town Scottsdale is a must-visit for those seeking a blend of old Western charm and modern sophistication. The area is packed with local boutiques, jewelry stores, art galleries, and southwestern curio shops. Strolling around Old Town's charming streets also allows shoppers to enjoy local cuisine, cultural festivals, and art walks.

All in all, Scottsdale offers a shopping experience that goes beyond mere retail therapy. It’s an immersion into the city’s culture, history, and its modern, vibrant lifestyle.

Best Places to Shop in Scottsdale

Regarding retail therapy, Scottsdale, Arizona, is a veritable paradise for shoppers, offering a wide range of shopping destinations, from upscale boutiques to charming local stores. Discover the magic of Scottsdale shopping and its ability to cater to every taste and style imaginable.

A Shopper's Haven: Scottsdale Fashion Square

Scottsdale Fashion Square is an emblem of style in the city, bringing together a collection of high-end brands and boutique offerings that cater to the sophisticated shopper. You'll find everything from world-renowned designers to up-and-coming fashion-forward brands. Walking through its modern and sleek corridors is like a journey through the world's fashion capitals.

A Fusion of Shopping and Leisure: Kierland Commons

Kierland Commons is not just about shopping; it's a lifestyle destination. It's a place where shoppers can stroll under the Arizona sun, enjoy a delicious meal at one of the numerous restaurants, and indulge in a selection of upscale boutiques and national retail stores. It's a harmonious blend of shopping and leisure for a perfect day out.

Shopping with a Modern Twist: Scottsdale Quarter

Scottsdale Quarter is a testament to Scottsdale's modern side, offering a contemporary mix of retail, restaurant, and entertainment venues. Its vibrant atmosphere and open-air design make it the perfect place to shop, dine, and enjoy the Arizona sunshine. Find new tech at the Apple store or indulge in redecorating dreams at Design Within Reach.

Classy and Timeless: Biltmore Fashion Park

The Biltmore Fashion Park in nearby Phoenix offers an elegant shopping experience under the Arizona sky. Shoppers can enjoy a stroll through its beautifully landscaped gardens, explore the selection of luxury retailers, or relax at one of its charming outdoor cafes. It's a shopping destination with timeless elegance and a relaxed ambiance.

A Unique Shopping Adventure: The Frederick

The Frederick in Phoenix brings a distinctive shopping experience to the area with its carefully curated, eclectic items. Every corner of the shopping area is packed with personality, offering a treasure hunt experience for shoppers searching for unique finds. The Frederick is home to the Phoenix location of Batea Boutique, which Tucson residents will recognize as a favored vintage boutique in their city. 

Shopping with a Local Touch: Shops At Gainey Village

The Shops At Gainey Village nods to Scottsdale's local scene, featuring a collection of locally-owned boutiques and specialty stores. Here, shoppers can find various unique items and enjoy the vibrant community atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for new clothes at Paris Paris, or on the hunt for high-end home furnishings at KREISS, you’ll find a bounty at the Shops At Gainey Village. 

Quaint and Charming: Cave Creek Candles & Gifts

Cave Creek Candles & Gifts offers a charming shopping experience. Each visit is a treat to the senses, with the scent of handmade candles, the beauty of artisan crafts, and the warm, welcoming atmosphere of this local gem.

A Retail Paradise: Arizona Mills

Arizona Mills over in Tempe is a shopper's paradise, with an impressive roster of retailers all under one roof. It's the ultimate destination for fashion enthusiasts, bargain hunters, and everyone else. 

Shopping Tips

Try to Fill in the Gaps

One of the best shopping strategies is to look for what's absent in your wardrobe. This way, you avoid impulse purchases and instead fill gaps in your collection with meaningful, complementary items.

Embrace Items that Bring Delight

Marie Kondo was onto something when she advised us to keep items that spark joy. Apply this concept while shopping, too. If an item doesn't make you happy or help you feel confident, it's not worth your money.

Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

Investing in high-quality items might initially seem expensive, but it pays off in the long run. Quality items last longer and tend to look and feel better, making them a more economical choice over time.

Discover the Benefits of Preloved Items

Second-hand shopping is not just budget-friendly; it's also a way to discover unique, hard-to-find pieces. Plus, it's a great way to contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry.

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