5 Tips for Moving With Pets

5 Tips for Moving With Pets

  • 03/19/19
When you’re a pet parent who’s selling a home in Scottsdale, you know that the whole process can be stressful on your four-legged family member.
Check out these five tips for moving with pets that will help you through, from start to finish.

5 Tips for Moving With Pets

Moving with pets can be stressful – for you and for them. Use these five tips to make it easier on everyone:
  1. Prepare an overnight kit
  2. Update your pet’s registration information
  3. Keep your pet confined to one room during moving day
  4. Give extra toys and cuddles
  5. Let your pet explore only one room at a time in your new home

Pet Tip #1: Prepare an overnight kit.

The last thing you want to do when you get to your new house is dig around for your pet’s necessities. Pack up an overnight kit – a simple box that you don’t close will do – that includes everything your pet needs. Here’s what to include:
o Medications
o Extra litter
o Food
o Treats
o Favorite toys
o Blankets
o Pet bed
o Extra collar and tags
o Leash

Pet Tip #2: Update your pet’s registration information.

You know where you’re going, so it’s not too soon to register your pet at your new address. In many cases, the city requires it within 30 days anyway – so just in case your pet slips out the door, the authorities will know where and how to find you.

Make sure your pet’s microchip is updated, too. That way, when he or she is scanned at the vet or at a shelter, they’ll be able to reconnect you two.

Pet Tip #3: Keep your pet confined to one room during moving day.

Empty one room at least one day before moving day, whether it’s a bedroom or the home office. Pull out all the boxes and furniture and put them in the living room (as close to the door as you can get – you’ll save yourself some work later). Put your pet’s bed, food and water bowls, litter (if applicable) and toys inside. This is where your pet will hang out while you or the moving crew has the front door open to load the truck.

Don’t open the door except to take your pet out to use the bathroom. Even then, make sure all the other doors in your house are closed – you don’t want your pet getting nervous and slipping out.

Pet Tip #4: Give extra toys and cuddles.

While your pet is out for a potty break, or once you’re loading him or her into the car, layer on the TLC. Once you get to your new house, too, make plenty of time to spend with your pet. Just being there can be a tremendous comfort to your four-legged family member!

Pet Tip #5: Let your pet explore only one room at a time in your new home.

Your pet will probably be curious and excited to explore your new house, but psychologically, it’s best if you confine him or her to just one room at a time. Start with your bedroom, where your pet can begin to feel comfortable. Once he or she is okay – usually within a day or two – you can let him or her get used to the other rooms, one at a time.

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