The Hashknife Pony Express Thunders Into Scottsdale on January 30th

The Hashknife Pony Express Thunders Into Scottsdale on January 30th

  • 01/28/15
Looking for a hand-stamped letter to arrive from Holbrook, Arizona? Well, if it was post-marked YESTERDAY(January 27th) it just may be in a canvas-n-leather pouch on the back of a horse along the Hashknife Pony Express route and heading your way.
With this elite group of riders--hoofs ablazin’ and poundin’ the pavement and terrain for over 200 miles--you can bet it’s certain to arrive. And arrive it will through rain, sleet or snow in Scottsdale on January 30th, guaranteed!
Hashknife Pony Express (photo via
Hashknife Pony Express (photo via
More than 24 riders, completely decked out in old west cowboy attire, will hand-off, from the back of their horses, the U.S Mail in this 3-day ride, relay-style.
The Hashknife Pony Express begins in historic Holbrook, winds through the pine-covered Mogollon Rim, down through the brush-covered foothills and rugged canyons of the Mazatzal Range, descends into the desert and ends in the City of Scottsdale.
You are encouraged to come out and cheer on these courageous riders and here is their schedule—at least in this neck of the woods.
Thursday, January 29th
Arrival: Mail arrives at the Fountain Hills Post Office at 3:00 p.m.
Camp: Camp at the Verde River, location to be announced
Friday, January 30th
Departure: Mail leaves the Verde at 9:00 a.m.
Arrival: Mail arrives at the Hashknife Pony Express Statute in Scottsdale at noon
(Marshall Way South of Camelback at the Bridge just west of Scottsdale Road)
Watch this documentary trailer of the 2012 Hashknife Pony Express:

Fun facts:
  • A tool used by a cook of a wagon train is called a hashknife.
  • The Hashknife brand, originating in Texas to identify the herds of the Aztec Land and Cattle Company, moved to Holbrook, Arizona in 1866.
  • The Navajo County Sheriff’s Posse acquired use of the Hashknife brand in 1957 and it now identifies the Pony Express.
  • Riders of this officially sanctioned Pony Express are primarily made up of members of the Navajo County Sheriff’s Posse and are a testament to the true spirit of the Wild West.
This is a family event not to be missed, so come out for a unique display of the true spirit of the West. It also may just conjure up a whole new image of “snail mail” - Wild West style!
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