The Complete Guide to Moving With a Dog

The Complete Guide to Moving With a Dog

  • 02/23/21
If you’re a dog parent who’s buying a home in Scottsdale, whether you’re moving from across town or across the country, this complete guide to moving with a dog can tell you exactly what you need to know before you pack up Fido and hit the road.

The Complete Guide to Moving With a Dog

Moving with a dog is stressful. In fact, it’s safe to say that it’s more stressful to move with a dog than it is without one; that’s because you have to worry about your pooch’s anxiety, whether he or she will have an easy transition into your new home, and keep your dog safe every step of the way. That’s where this guide to moving with a dog comes in – it includes seven tips you can use right now to make it easier for you to move with your dog. Check out the tips here:
  1. Try to maintain your routines
  2. Update your dog’s microchip and tags
  3. Give your dog some extra exercise
  4. Focus on mental enrichment activities
  5. Consider hiring an off-site pet sitter for moving day
  6. Take a long walk around your new neighborhood
  7. Let your dog explore your new home at his or her own pace
Here’s a closer look at each.
Tips for Moving Long Distance With a Dog

Moving With a Dog – Tip #1: Try to Maintain Your Routines

Dogs thrive on routine, and you don’t want to deviate from what your pup is used to before you move. It’s challenging, because you’ll almost certainly be pressed for time leading up to your move, but it’s definitely worth saving your dog the stress. That means your regular feeding schedule, walks and playtime should stay as close to normal as possible in the weeks and days leading up to the move.

Moving With a Dog – Tip #2: Update Your Dog’s Microchip and Tags

Before you move, visit your vet and have your dog’s microchip scanned. Update his chip with your new address, then stop on the way home for a new set of dog tags that include your new address. (We won’t judge if you fill up the cart in the toy and treat aisles, too.)
Guide to Moving With a Dog

Moving With a Dog – Tip #3: Give Your Dog Extra Exercise

Like humans, dogs relieve stress through exercise. Make time to give your dog a little extra exercise, whether it’s a longer morning walk or several extra minutes of backyard playtime, before you start packing up to move. Bonus: it’s good for you, too.

Moving With a Dog – Tip #4: Focus on Mental Enrichment Activities

Mental enrichment activities, like puzzles that dogs have to work out to get a treat, are great for fending off stress. Extra mental stimulation helps your dog feel more calm, even when her environment is changing, so invest in a few special toys or spend time hiding treats around the house (where your dog can’t see) and encouraging her to sniff them out.
Moving With a Dog

Moving With a Dog – Tip #5: Consider Hiring an Off-Site Pet Sitter for Moving Day

On moving day, your front door will be wide open for most of the day – and that means it’s safer if your dog goes to stay with a trusted friend or sitter. Think about sending your pup to a doggie daycare, where he’ll get plenty of playtime in a safe, loving environment while you coordinate boxes, movers and other details.

Moving With a Dog – Tip #6: Take a Long Walk Around Your New Neighborhood

Once you arrive at your new home with your dog, after all the boxes and furniture are safely inside, go for a long walk around the neighborhood. This lets her get accustomed to the community and burns off excess energy so she’s more relaxed when you finally do step through your new front door.

Moving With a Dog – Tip #7: Let Your Dog Explore Your New Home on His or Her Terms

Many experts suggest letting your dog explore your new home just a few rooms at a time. If that’s the route you’re going to take, start with the rooms that will contain food and an exit for potty breaks – and the space where he can spend plenty of uninterrupted time with you. Once your dog has eased into his new surroundings, you can open up other rooms for exploration. One thing experts are firm about: Don’t make your dog go into an area he doesn’t want to go into. He’ll come around to the whole house with time!

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