Resources Recommended by the Matheson Team for Eager Home Remodelers | Scottsdale

Resources Recommended by the Matheson Team for Eager Home Remodelers | Scottsdale

  • 07/14/14
A home renovation project can be work-intensive on a lot of fronts between labor power and the process of choosing designs, styles and materials, a "painless" renovation project can quickly morph into a time-consuming mess.  Thankfully, however, there are a number of resources out there to help you plan your home remodeling project.
As full service realtors serving the Scottsdale area, we are always looking to share real estate, home improvement and design resources with ScottsdaleRealEstate readers. Check our blog page for further design posts, or CONTACT US for more information on anything community or real estate related.
Here are a few design resources recommended by The Matheson Team for eager home remodelers:
1) Renovation Apps: Gone are the days when people had to go to the library to find out how to do things. Now, with a simple push of a button, we can find instructions for just about anything. Because there's an app for that. Apps from Houzz, Pinterest and Project Décor can help registered users find, save, and shop for all of their design-related needs.
2) Design Software: People who are going out and buying design software are serious remodelers -- these programs are what professional architects and designers use in their businesses.
People looking to use design software generally gravitate towards Computer Aided Design Software, or CAD programs.
Here are 2 kinds of design software (there are, of course, many more, but there are too many variations to describe in detail here):
  1. 2D CAD: This kind of CAD allows you to create representational drawings. Representational Drawings simply refer to an illustration that has been drawn from a specific person's perspective (the drawing can be easily identified, but may or may not be 100% accurate). 2D CAD programs vary in price from $1,000-$5,000 (depending on whether you're renting or buying).

  2. 3D CAD: 3D CAD software allows you to depict 3D objects within an accurate representation of the structure you're working with. These programs tend to show a far more accurate and realistic space, but they come with a heftier price tag. These programs can cost as much as $1,600-$6,000.
Other Software programs under the Adobe umbrella, like Photoshop and Illustrator, can also be used to draft further project ideas on a computer.
3D Home Design
3D Home Design
But, if all of this design stuff turns out not to be your thing, there's no shame in that either. Here's our recommended solution:
3) Hire a professional designer:
Hiring a professional designer to help you with your remodel is a smart way to go - a good designer will allow your home to reflect your tastes, while listening to your needs and adhering to your budget.  Most of us are too busy to source products and materials.  An interior designer can do this leg work for you, while being an invaluable source of ideas and resources.
The Matheson Team works regularly with a couple of interior designers - both are highly recommended:
Both can help you tackle the smallest projects such as staging existing pieces to full scale remodels.
Hire a professional designer
Hire a professional designer
Reach out to us for more tips that will make your home renovation easier.

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