LEGO Kidsfest at the University of Phoenix Stadium

LEGO Kidsfest at the University of Phoenix Stadium

  • 02/25/15

If your kids are into LEGOs, boy are they in store for a treat!  What started years ago with simply LEGO Land has turned into a mini-cult phenomena, and Phoenix has landed one of the four slots for this mind-blowing tour of the latest and greatest LEGO happenings -- LEGO Kidsfest.

There’s something for all ages--the DUPLO build area for 1 ½ year olds to five year olds; the LEGO Construction Zone for 5 years of age and on up; the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3--while not age specific you can join in as long as you have the mind for it--where you can design and build your own LEGO robot and even control it from your smart phone; and, the all ages Creation Nation where the entire family is invited to join in building a map of the U.S. the size of a basketball court, talk about a team effort!

There’s the mish mash of the Big Brick Pile, just a huge pile of bricks poured in the middle of the floor with the green light “go” for any imaginitive design your little heart wants to create. Or you can challenge your brother or sister to a race after you design your set of wheels at the build tables, then pair off at the race ramps for on your mark, get set, LEGO!

There’ll be a separate activity area for the ninja warriors amongst us. You’ll get to choose your weapon and fight the other ninja kids at the fest in the spirit of LEGO Ninjago. If you are a lover and not a fighter, drop the weapon and pick up the LEGO Friends and Ninjago: The Visual Dictionary while you relax back in a bean bag chair and enjoy some peaceful read time.

There is session after session after session of interactive builds and activities all centered around the LEGO brick with LEGO Friends, LEGO Super Heroes, LEGO Star Wars™, LEGO Disney Princess, LEGO Mixels, LEGO FUSION, LEGO Movie Experience, the Challenge Zone, Monochromatic Build, the Brick Battle Zone and LEGO Master Builders that get paid to build while you watch or join in.  Wow, someone gets paid to do that?

Feeling over stimulated or just plain tired? There is a LEGO Reading Rest Stop and LEGO Art Gallery where you put your feet up. The LEGO Art Gallery is a space designed for all the blossoming young artists! No messy paint brushes and easels, just a colorful assortment of bricks to create a paint-by-number or totally let loose in creating your own brick masterpiece.   The sky’s the limit.

Whew, did we miss anything? Believe it or not there is more.

Of course, no day full of LEGO activities would be complete without a slew of items to take home, and there are some awesome things for mom too, like brick storage bins to keep all those tiny pointy pieces off of the floor and organized and out of sight. There will even be some of those hard to find Exclusive LEGO kits, and sets that are brand new to the market. And LEGO Star Wars t-shirts will even be on hand, but there are no gurantees about getting one, when they run out, they run out.

The good news for mom and dad is admission covers all of the sessions and activities!

The Kidsfest is located at the University of Phoenix Stadium and takes place tomorrow through Sunday.

Friday, February 27
4 pm - 8:30 pm

Saturday, February 28, & Sunday, March 1
Session l:  9 am – 1:30 pm
Session ll: 3 pm – 7:30 pm

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