How to Stage a Guest Bathroom: 5 Things That’ll Make it Shine

How to Stage a Guest Bathroom: 5 Things That’ll Make it Shine

  • 09/6/20
If you’re like many people selling a home in Scottsdale, your real estate agent has already talked to you about staging your space – and maybe he or she has recommended a professional home stager. If you choose not to hire a home stager, though, and you want to try your hand at putting your home’s best look forward, you can use these tips on how to stage a guest bathroom to get started.

How to Stage a Guest Bathroom: 5 Things That’ll Make it Shine

Whether your guest bathroom is small or large, it’s a good idea to stage it before prospective buyers come to tour your home. To do that, you’ll want to clean it from top to bottom and:
  1. Replace your shower curtain liner
  2. Invest in storage options
  3. Buy all-new, fluffy towels
  4. Choose the right countertop accessories
  5. Add art
Here’s a closer look at each.

Guest Bathroom Staging Tip #1: Replace your shower curtain liner

After you’ve cleaned every corner of your bathroom, it’s time to freshen things up. If you have a shower curtain and liner in your space, replace them – or at least the liner. Buyers can (and often do) look inside showers and tubs to see what they’re getting into. You’ll take the new liner with you when you move, of course, but it’s a good idea to make everything in your space look as new and fresh as possible.

Guest Bathroom Staging Tip #2: Invest in storage options

Under-cabinet storage is important to buyers, but if your bathroom only has a pedestal or wall-mounted sink, it’s important that you provide space for storage. Consider adding shelves to the walls or, if that’s not a good option for the space, a temporary standing shelving unit. If it’s not attached to the home, it’ll most likely go with you when you leave – but it serves to show prospective buyers what can be done with the space.

Guest Bathroom Staging Tip #3: Buy all-new, fluffy towels

Prospective buyers like seeing things that make them feel comfortable, which means converting even a small guest bathroom into a cozy, welcoming space is important. The more you can make it look like a spa, the better! Invest in fluffy towels that you can roll and put in a basket, hang from towel racks or place on shelving. What you’re selling isn’t just a home – it’s a lifestyle. You want to show buyers that they can live a comfortable, easy and even luxurious life when they buy your home.

Guest Bathroom Staging Tip #4: Choose the right countertop accessories

Keeping countertops neat is a must. You should remove all but a few things from your counters, and the things that remain should be decorative and functional. Try clear glass containers for cotton swabs and cotton balls, a tray that holds a few attractive accessories (like decorative soaps) and perhaps an unlit but fragranced candle. A small vase with a few freshly cut flowers in it is a nice touch, too, but only if there’s plenty of room on your countertop.

Guest Bathroom Staging Tip #5: Add art

One thing many people overlook in bathrooms is art. Sure, you have a mirror and perhaps some countertop decor, but what about on your walls? Adding art can make a tremendous difference in the space. You don’t have to pick anything big or attention-grabbing, though; something that complements your color and design scheme should be perfect.

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