Home Features That Scottsdale Arizona Homebuyers Want

Home Features That Scottsdale Arizona Homebuyers Want

  • 11/3/21
Homebuyers of Scottsdale, Arizona real estate are more discerning than ever, as they know exactly what to look for in a home. More than simple aesthetics, they are also looking for practicality and function - taking into account the almost eternal summer conditions in this Sonoran Desert city. They also have a sharp eye on home features that could boost home value - a wise approach in planning for the property’s future sale.

Scottsdale, AZ residential real estate: An overview

Located in the northern region of the Sonoran Desert, the city of Scottsdale, AZ boasts one of the most competitive real estate markets in the country.
Scottsdale’s housing market is pulsing with activity, and it is not unusual for homes here to receive multiple offers. On the average, homes are selling for about 3% above their listed price.
The market for luxury homes in Scottsdale is just as hot, with single-family homes from this sector experiencing an upswing in both the number of sales and prices.
August figures for Scottsdale collated by the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing reflected a median sales price of more than $1.5 million - up by 36% from the same period last year. Forbes.com also reported the sale of a Scottsdale home in September last year that fetched a record-breaking price of $24.1 million.
Experts note that this uptick in the luxury market is largely fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw many employees and students adopt work-from-home and online-schooling setups. With more people staying at home, families are now looking for residences with more space and amenities than the standard suburban house.
Market research also reveals that most new buyers in Scottsdale’s booming luxury real estate market come from out of state. These include buyers from California, Illinois, Colorado, Washington, New York, and even from places as far away as Minnesota. They are drawn not only to the size and supply of luxury houses in the neighborhood but also to the wealth of attractions and amenities presented by the state as a whole.

Must-have home features that Scottsdale, Arizona buyers want

Open floor plans, multi-functional spaces, outdoor living areas, ample storage, and energy efficiency are some of the home features that Scottsdale, AZ homebuyers are looking for:

Open floor plans

Coffered ceiling and vinyl flooring throughout
Open floor plans help make even the smallest of houses feel bigger, which is why it occupies a prime spot in homebuyers’ checklists of home features. Open floor plans, especially those that offer seamless integration between living spaces and kitchens, also allow for better interaction among family members.

Flexible, multi-purpose spaces

Desk used for homework or other school work
The pandemic has driven many homeowners to look for spare bedrooms and other home spaces that they can use as offices and classrooms. This has led to a rise in demand for homes with spare bedrooms or open areas that can be easily converted into home office spaces, classrooms, play areas, and the like.

Outdoor living spaces

Luxury desert home patio with dining table after sunset.
Outdoor living spaces are valued because they allow homeowners to freely socialize with others in a safe and comfortable environment — a big plus in a world beset by a pandemic. Additionally, outdoor living spaces such as a patio or a well-appointed backyard are much cheaper to build or install compared to large-scale home additions.

Ample storage

Computer generated image of dressing room. Architectural Visualization. 3D rendering.
Storage ranks high in many homebuyers’ lists since large amounts of clutter can drastically reduce any space’s practicality. Because of this, homebuyers tend to favor houses with features such as built-in wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, walk-in closets, shelving, and dedicated pantries.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency of home kitchen appliances concept. 3d illustration
A reflection of modern sensibilities, buyers often look for top-quality, energy-efficient, and Energy Star-rated appliances and windows in their prospective homes. An energy-efficient home consumes less power, and this translates to major savings for the homeowners.

Most-desired luxury home features by Scottsdale, Arizona home buyers

In addition to the practical and functional home features that most buyers look for, luxury homebuyers consider a special set of features and amenities when they search for upscale homes in Scottsdale.
Here are some of them:

Smart home systems

Woman's Hand Using Home Control System On Cellphone With Various Icons In The Kitchen
Smart home systems and other home automation programs are designed to make people’s lives easier, safer, and more convenient. These aspects make them must-have home features for many luxury homeowners. For instance, you can actually program your system to adjust your house’s temperature, lighting, and security with just a few swipes on your phone.

Entertainment rooms

family mother father and children watching projector, TV, movies with popcorn in the evening at home
With the pandemic still ongoing, many people are thinking twice about heading back to cinemas, concert halls, and theaters anytime soon. So, instead of going out, many buyers now desire to bring wide-screen entertainment into the home. Hence, the premium on home features such as dedicated entertainment rooms. A room like this can be decked with the latest in electronic gadgetry, including a large-screen Smart TV, Hi-Fi sound system, and gaming consoles.

Posh, spa-like bathrooms

Modern Bathroom Interior stock photo - 3d render
Nothing says luxury more than a full spa experience. This is why many luxury homebuyers look for bathrooms that evoke the look and feel of their favorite private retreats. Some fixtures they look for include steam showers, freestanding soaking tubs, designer lighting, and heated floors.

Gourmet kitchens

Large modern kitchen interior
Since dining in has become a popular option in this pandemic, homeowners with a flair for cooking and baking desire a home kitchen with features that can rival a chef’s milieu. These features include professional-grade appliances and electronics, generously-sized double sinks, multi-functional kitchen islands, spacious walk-in pantries, and the finest quartz and marble countertops.

Separate guest houses and similar structures

wooden deck
An extra living space separate from the main house is ideal in the present environment where members of the family are jostling for their respective private nooks at home. Or if guests suddenly drop in for a night or two, there’s a space that can be allotted to them for their privacy. This separate structure may be a guest house, a garage, a storage facility, or a barn. Whatever this structure’s original purpose for existence is, imaginative homebuyers can repurpose this into a fully functional office, gym, or even an additional bedroom.

Where to buy luxury homes in Scottsdale, Arizona

You are most likely to find the loveliest luxury estates in these Scottsdale areas:

In North Scottsdale

Those looking to live the chic, upscale golfing lifestyle will do well to settle down in North Scottsdale. A sparkling oasis in the Sonoran Desert, North Scottsdale is known for its abundance of desert-style homes, luxury country clubs, high-end restaurants, and lavish resorts.
Flanked by the McDowell Mountains and Tonto Forest, North Scottsdale is home to some of the newest, most exclusive neighborhoods in Phoenix, such as Silverleaf, Grayhawk, DC Ranch, and McDowell Mountain Ranch.
Given the exclusivity of neighborhoods in this area, homes here have price points that go well past the $1 million territory.

In Central Scottsdale

Central Scottsdale is known for its bevy of master-planned communities and developments, such as Stonegate, Scottsdale Country Club, and Scottsdale Ranch.
These communities are known for their wide variety of homes, most of which boast mountain views, private pools, equestrian trails, and — in the case of Scottsdale Ranch — boating facilities.
Central Scottsdale is also home to top shopping and dining destinations. This means that its residents are never too far from their favorite urban comforts.
In addition to its selection of luxury townhouses, family homes, and estates, you will find new condominiums in Central Scottsdale. That’s why the area draws in many empty nesters who want to downsize their living quarters and upwardly mobile millennials looking to live close to the business district here.

In South Scottsdale

Considered by residents to be the “heart and soul” of the area, South Scottsdale is home to some of the oldest properties in the neighborhood. It’s also the location of some of Scottsdale’s premier master-planned communities like McCormick Ranch and Gainey Ranch. These two communities boast a wide array of properties such as waterfront homes and private estates.
South Scottsdale also has a bustling social scene, mainly because of its proximity to the Old Town area where restaurants, galleries, and shopping centers abound. Upscale condominiums and mid-century-style properties are also found here.
This part of Scottdale is also located near Paradise Valley, considered to be the most affluent municipality in the Scottsdale-Phoenix region.
Known by its (unofficial) moniker, “The Beverly Hills of the Southwest,” Paradise Valley boasts wide-open spaces, unspoiled land, clean air, and breathtaking vistas. Grand estates, private resorts, and exclusive golf courses define Paradise Valley.

Property types in Scottsdale, Arizona

Whatever your lifestyle preference is, you will find the home suited for it in Scottsdale, Arizona. Choose from their diverse selection of residences, including upscale condominiums, townhouses, single-family homes, and vacant lots and land.
Here’s a list of popular property types in Scottsdale’s housing inventory:

Condominiums and townhouses

These are popular housing options for first-time homebuyers and young families. These types of properties are typically attached to neighboring properties, and homeowners’ associations generally maintain the exterior structures. These developments also offer a wealth of amenities to residents, such as gyms, pools, and green spaces.

Single-family homes

Single-family homes refer to free-standing residences. These are the most abundant property types in Scottsdale, and they take many forms - from modest starter homes to expansive estates and mansions. Single-family homes offer their residents more space than that offered by condominiums, including significantly larger outdoor spaces like the front and backyards.

Vacant lots and land

Vacant parcels and building lots also exist throughout Scottsdale but are definitely dwindling in number. Most buyers purchase vacant land to build a custom-designed home. Each neighborhood may have varying architectural guidelines, though, so it’s best to research the guidelines in your preferred Scottsdale community before you start building.

New construction

If you like the idea of a newly constructed home, Scottsdale has some new communities that you can check out. Contact The Matheson Team for more information.
With the whole range of available properties to choose from in Scottsdale, making a selection of the best home to buy can become a challenge. But it can be made easy, especially if you visit comprehensive real estate websites such as scottsdalerealestate.com. Dedicated pages for each type of property ease the selection process. On top of that, should you want to learn more about a featured property, you can reach out and send a message here.

Scottsdale, Arizona’s communities and home features

A significant number of homes in Scottsdale, Arizona are located in either golf communities and/or gated communities:

Golf communities

As the name suggests, golf communities like Desert Mountain in North Scottsdale are built around one or multiple golf courses and private or public golf clubs. Avid golfers naturally gravitate toward these properties as they are bundled with perks such as memberships to the community’s country club. These developments also come complete with amenities such as community pools, parks and other green spaces, tennis courts, restaurants, spas, gyms, and even children’s centers — all of which are well-maintained and located within walking distance of residents’ homes.

Gated communities

Scottsdale, Arizona’s gated communities, such as Silverleaf, DC Ranch, and Windgate Ranch, are top favorites among upscale buyers. These carry a distinct set of perks and amenities, such as privacy, well-maintained grounds, exclusive parks and recreation facilities, community clubhouses, and streets devoid of traffic.
Homes in these developments are most likely to possess features such as:
  • Private pools and personal spas. Pools and fully-equipped bathrooms that give a spa-like feel are welcome additions to any Scottsdale luxury home, considering the city’s desert setting. Both provide a venue for cooling down, as well as a tranquil retreat for good health and well-being.
  • Separate, private guest houses. Whether for standard single-family homes or for stately mansions, the presence of a guest house separate from the main home is a desirable feature that homebuyers will appreciate. Apart from reasons earlier stated, these separate guest houses also help to increase a property’s overall value.

Let Matheson Real Estate find your Scottsdale, Arizona luxury home

If you’re planning on moving to the Sonoran Desert oasis that is Scottsdale, consider working with The Matheson Team.
Led by expert Realtor Don Matheson, The Matheson Team has sold over $1 billion in residential real estate since 1995 and is composed of award-winning, passionate, experienced, and industry-recognized agents, all of whom have been trained to make sure your real estate transaction is smooth, seamless, and successful.
We, The Matheson Team, are more than ready to show you the best homes in Scottsdale - from sleek condominiums to luxurious estates.

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