Best Places in Scottsdale for Thanksgiving Supplies

Best Places in Scottsdale for Thanksgiving Supplies

  • 11/12/19
If you’re like most people, you’re moving full-throttle ahead into Thanksgiving plans. Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving in your home or you’ve been tasked with bringing a few items to a friend or family member’s house, check out this list of amazing spots in Scottsdale to pick up your supplies.
Where to Buy Turkey in Scottsdale

Where to Buy Turkeys in Scottsdale

When you’re responsible for the whole bird, you have to get it right. We recommend picking up your turkey from:
Pro tip: If you’re preparing the turkey yourself, check out these fabulous recipes from Food & Wine.

Where to Get Prepared Thanksgiving Dinners in Scottsdale

Don’t want to make the whole dinner yourself? That’s fine, too – check out the pre-prepared turkey dinners from:
  • Mimi’s Bistro + Bakery in Chandler and Mesa. Mimi’s is offering an entire take-home feast, which includes a completely hassle-free menu with herb-buttered turkey, homemade gravy, cranberry orange relish and so much more. Learn more here.
  • Chompie’s in Scottsdale. You can get a complete Thanksgiving dinner – including two pies – from Chompie’s in Scottsdale. Pick the whole package or choose separate items on your own. Learn more here.
  • AJ’s Purveyors of Fine Foods in Scottsdale. Get a traditional roasted turkey, ham, pork crown roast or leg of lamb to spruce up your Thanksgiving Day dinner from AJ’s, where you’ll also get trimmings like herbed dressing, scalloped potatoes and apple pie. Learn more here.
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Where to Buy Thanksgiving Desserts in Scottsdale

Where to Buy Thanksgiving Desserts in Scottsdale

Everyone saves room for dessert on Thanksgiving, which means you have to choose wisely – and these are some of the best spots in Scottsdale to pick up all the sweets you need:
  • SugarJam Bake Shop & Bistro. Now is the time to pre-order their special 9-inch deep-dish pies. Choose between bourbon pecan, caramel apple, standard apple, cherry crumb, pumpkin and even southern sweet potato pie. Learn more here.
  • PIEfection in Mesa. This sweet treat shop is known for its “pie of the month,” which happens to be a delectable pecan pumpkin pie for November. You’ll also love their no-sugar-added orchard fruit pies, which you have to special order, and their French crumb pies like country apple, Georgia peach, triple berry and cherry. Learn more here.
Best Places to Buy Thanksgiving Supplies in Scottsdale - Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner

Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner in your new home, use these tips to make the whole day easier:
  1. Delegate tasks. Ask friends and family to bring appetizers, side dishes and desserts. (You can even forward them this list of places to pick up Thanksgiving supplies in Scottsdale.)
  2. Set the table the day before Thanksgiving. You’ll save yourself a lot of time on the big day if the table is already ready to go.
  3. Buy ingredients or pre-made dishes well in advance. You can order pies up to a week before Thanksgiving, for example, so you don’t have to rush to pick things up – and you can start picking up dry goods and frozen ingredients today.
  4. Decorate long before the big day. Your family won’t mind looking at Thanksgiving-themed decor a couple weeks in advance of the holiday, and you’ll have plenty of time to perfect things between now and Thanksgiving.
  5. Plan to send leftovers home with your guests. Pick up the one-use foil containers you’ll need to ship off extra turkey, side dishes and pie with your family and friends.

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